Working On My First Real Estate Video Shoot

Working On My First Real Estate Video Shoot

I am working on my first real estate video, and from the condo I am filming I created this video about using the Digital Calibration Target and picking music out before shooting. Once I am done editing the real estate video I will make sure to share it here with everyone. It might take me a couple of weeks to finish it because I am editing something else right now. Breckenridge is just an amazing place in the summer, I think I got some great shots of the condo and the town as well. I also did about 6 time lapses, I am excited to see how they came out. T-Shirts! Wow, I actually have t-shirts for my site now, that is pretty cool. If you like camera t-shirts like I do and you want to help support me to make more videos like I have ere, please head over to Jason’s site and pick one up. – Sorry only for the USA right now, Jason is looking in to other countries. – Get off if your order by Wednesday at midnight (8/29/12) at .99 before they go to . – Any shirt you buy on his site helps support me. – If you have any questions contact Jason at Royalty Free Music by Products Used In This Video – Find Prices Help me make more of these types of videos by purchasing gear from the links posted on my site. It costs you nothing extra, and helps support me to make more videos. http
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  • ArdianBlur

    Hi dave, you got big big passion in photography and Also videography. You revive my Photographer side alive again! Your video make me want to shoot a lot of picture, and starting in video too.

  • dokgold

    Hi Dave, Thanks for your tips. i bought the slider because of you. I do this as a hobby here in Anguilla.I did an architectural video and you can check in my account.

    I would like to know what you think…

    Again, thanks!

  • starbluewhitered

    what camera did you use to make the real estate video?

  • Digitaleyedave

    please take a look at my nikon d5100 unboxing with extra content

  • waackomann

    As I am too !

  • Dombowerphoto

    I am always on dave dugdale’s channel, love his stuff. Always comes across as a really nice guy.

  • waackomann

    Dom my man ! Great to see you on other guys videos too ! 😀

  • Jason Jacques

    Also I shoot real estate and your right…wait for the light. I call it twilight shoot…..just a few minutes after sunset and you have to move because you have less than 20 minutes. I dont do for all of them but most of the nicer homes.

  • Jason Jacques

    Pay? LOL……was looking for it also. Thanks for the great videos. next time I order from BandH I going through you. Keep up the good work

  • aumkar chandan

    Got it life is good premium

  • aumkar chandan

    epic background music can you help me with the name its impossible to find it in the wide collection of music in premiumbeats

  • walter wallace

    Great cant wait to see your final product and hear about what you learned throughout the process.

  • Dave Dugdale

    Yes, it is all done, I am just waiting for the owner to do one last thing.

  • walter wallace

    Are you going to be posting new videos about this project?

  • dajudgementday


  • burtonfzz

    mayby there are to much AD???

  • robertmasse

    Agreed…defintly less than a minute unless there is no way you can get across what you need to in that amount of time. 30-45 sec is ideal so I agree….

  • TheEasyjesus

    Right! 30 to 45 seconds on real estate and rental properties

  • Dave Dugdale

    I have been getting more questions on this, I will do a video on it as soon as I can.

  • WingMan011

    Dave what do you use for storage? I have 3TB and its getting hard to move data and keep my stuff backed up.

  • vr360homes

    Hi Dave, interested to know how you work out the rate to charge. I currently do 360 Virtual Tours and still photos and have looked at doing videos but it takes much longer to shoot, edit and light so that’s why I haven’t done it so far. If you have a home with views you want to show this is almost impossible unless as someone else put you shoot when it’s overcast or nearly dark, interested to know how you got round it.

  • PointZeroPhotography

    Yes, it would be nice to see the end result.

  • Dan Achatz

    I do several real estate videos a month. It’s a lot harder than it looks. Lighting can be helpful, but unless you have HMI lights, it has to be a very dark day outside to balance the light. I like to shoot view shots about a half an hour after sunset.

  • Robert Ibeh

    I’m about to start a video production business focusing on real estate. determining the prices was the trickiest part because there’s no benchmark here for it (I live in the caribbean). What was your ballpark price? I found interesting forums on video maker dot com about it also.

  • MrRefurbishedBrain

    and the award for douchebag of the month goes to…

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