Convenience Of Selling Real Estate On Ebay

Convenience Of Selling Real Estate On Ebay
Selling real estate on eBay may seem a far-fetched and impractical idea. EBay is associated with real, physical items that can be seen, packed, and shipped to the buyer. So, how does one sell real estate on eBay? How sensible is the idea? Well, if selling real estate can be done through online real estate portals, it can also be done on eBay!

Realtors have realized that eBay provides the functionality and the exposure needed to meet the challenges and requirements of selling real estate online. It provides a wider market and the cheapest mode of advertising real estate on the Internet.

One of the most practical things about selling real estate on eBay is that realtors can get access to a readymade global online market to showcase their properties, which a local or international buyer can take advantage of. A realtor has the convenience of putting up every single detail of the property to be sold, which includes comprehensive description, location information, photographs, rates, amenities, and everything else that a buyer is interested to know. It is as good as showing your property to a hundred million potential buyers in one go.

Your house or land can be advertised very conveniently on the eBay real estate site. You can either choose the auction way of putting up your property for a fixed price. If a fixed rate option is chosen, you can display the rates in a format that lists all the details, including the price. You can even choose to sell your real estate the traditional way on eBay.

For every format, you are required to provide detailed information on the size of the property, the year it was built, number of rooms, details about its precise location, and information about ownership and payment terms. If the property is put up for auction, the seller must specify the period for which it has to be displayed, which could range from one day to 10 days, and several other options that range from 30 to 90 days.

You will be required to pay a listing fee to eBay to put up your property for sale on the real estate pages. Besides, eBay also charges a fee, depending on the price for which the property is finally sold. The listing charge for an auction that lasts from one day to 10 days is typically around $ 100. If you want your listing to be on the auction site for 30 days, the charges are around $ 150. Listing your real estate for a non-auction site for a period of 30 days would cost your around $ 150, while a 90-day listing would be cost you $ 300.

The popularity of real estate selling on eBay is touching new heights as sellers are able to generate more interest in their properties from diverse areas. Buyers get a whole range of options to purchase the real estate of their choice. The convenience of dealing through a trusted site like eBay certainly helps generate more interest in the properties, increasing the chances of an early sale. For buyers, it is a safe and trusted way to scout for properties in local, national, and international markets at affordable rates.

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