Wiz Khalifa – Real Estate

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25 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa – Real Estate”
  1. Luis Ceballos says:

    Dope ass song

  2. kim calandra says:

    the picture that’s in the video… is that a cover to an album ?

  3. SouthGatekidd says:

    clean my nigga

  4. TheMothefuckaa1812 says:


  5. Joey Zanichelli says:

    The good Wiz 

  6. Dammon Buckner says:

    Dis dat shit.

  7. stallsohard says:

    used to listen to this song each and every day

  8. Ricky Gonzales says:

    I’m a big ass TAYLOR saw these niggas in denver inspiring shit man!Taylor
    Gang Or Die

  9. Barry Sims says:

    T.I. poppin bottles

  10. Federico G. says:

    i like the beat

  11. Tyquev Joyner says:

    What song was this beat from ? I cant remember

  12. Kyle Riley says:


  13. Jay says:

    TGOD for life..miss the old wiz..

  14. powerstroketexas says:

    Can’t find download, anyone know how

  15. sparc mac says:

    half? you meen over a bil

  16. IAMGXLD x MTL says:

    You can go on my channel for see my remix :) thank you all :)

  17. TaylorGangOrDie812 says:

    lol…u never smoked until this song?…sucks man..wtf u been doin with ur

  18. SacSkateCrew says:

    Cool story bro

  19. Joshua Banfield says:

    I still can’t figure out what song he sampled for this… :(

  20. Marquell Tate says:


  21. dean2110db says:

    The beat is from t.i poppin bottles

  22. Josh Black says:

    The backing instrumental is from T.I – Poppin’ Bottles i think, i’m not
    sure which came first

  23. 56ratman says:

    Ay above production guy FUCK U WIZ IS KING BITCH

  24. Paris Cochran says:

    I clicked in this song on accident and actual know it lol O_o

  25. Martin BMX says:

    I think I’m older than you 😉

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