Wii U GamePad Virtual Tour

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Wii U GamePad Virtual Tour

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25 Responses to “Wii U GamePad Virtual Tour”
  1. Comrade Stalinator says:

    hmm my only concern with the WiiU how well can that gamepad take a beating?
    it is after all a controller and controllers are greatly abused by

  2. Orange Inkling says:

    Wii U is best console of this generation.

  3. zas10001000 says:

    dads watch football NOT baseball 

  4. jace gordon says:

    This is what I like about nintendo, they always make their games fun. They
    don’t make you want to rage and throw your controller across the room.
    *cough* cod *cough*

  5. Noah Hjortman says:

    This guy as the announcer for SSB5. Get on it sakurai.

  6. nintendodragon77 says:

    This would’ve actually been a decent commercial

  7. amit x7 says:

    you missed the microphone feature and the nfc thing that you use for

  8. Kennzo says:

    Wii U is amazing , but.. whatever i do i cant connect to internet in it ..
    tried everthing

  9. Graham Hosken says:

    my only gripe with the gamepad is the volume slider same with the 3ds it is
    just inconvenient because sometimes you find the sweet spot of volume and
    normally it is like three button presses or 15% now its just a crapshoot

  10. TheVCubeSolver says:

    The best controller of all time next to the Gamecube controller and wii

  11. Shadow is the best says:

    im saving up for wiiu 

  12. john magee says:

    How do I switch from the wii u game pad to the racing wheel when playing
    Mario Kart? 

  13. RJValdez216 says:

    So the rumble feature lets you feel all the gay play action right in the
    palm of your hands? XD

  14. misy kali says:

    i love wii u

  15. Thomas Cann says:


  16. Max Tamir says:

    This is the wii u game pad, it’s used to control the wii u. You don’t say?

  17. Valli VALOROSU says:


    By the way, is there gonna be EVER any accesory for the gamepad for the

  18. Greenguy4301 says:

    THIS should’ve existed at the E3 2011 press conference, so the Wii U
    could’ve had a PROPER introduction. But the Wii U is doing fine.

  19. Corbin W says:

    Is there any way to play full games on the Wii u game pad using wifi
    instead of the Bluetooth? I’m just getting used to the game pad, but this
    console is awesome!! Money well spent. Melee definitely needs to be used
    without the pad. Too many screens.

  20. MinerWadeMC says:

    As soon I finished watching this video my gamepad shook…. Is my PC a tv

  21. Iyana Celestijn says:

    How can I have 2 player using the game pad and a wii mote cause I only have
    1 wii mote please help 

  22. us3rm3 says:

    Please nintendo create a Nintendo phone similar to this but the size of the
    phone with d pad and buttons running Nintendo OS and Android OS. This will
    blow Micorosft, Sony, and Apple away.

  23. TmanStuff says:

    …And this is the Wii U GamePad, *shows us a controller* it’s used to
    control the Wii U. *facepalm*

  24. Cloudgamingplus plays MC says:

    I own the wii u… It’s awesome!

  25. Jesús Álvarez says:

    This is probably a silly question, but:
    What kind of batteries does the Gamepad use? Does it include a rechargeable
    battery from stock? Or does it require regular AA batteries like the
    Wiimote does?

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