What effect will Fed QE policy have on Las Vegas Real Estate Market and how can you profit?

What effect will Fed QE policy have on Las Vegas Real Estate Market and how can you profit?

Steve Hawks offers a free report regarding “What effect does QE have on the Real Estate Market and the National Economy?” Steve Hawks explains How you can pr…
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Another bankrupt real estate development in Henderson, Nevada.


  • jvolstad

    Your road to nowhere’s never get old.

  • barry graham

    what do the house sell for are they even listed if you find out let me know!!

  • Michael Martin

    The hydrants and other infrastructure were put in years before development. Believe me, they had no problem unloading homes during the boom. Existing homes were sold in less than a half hour, and there were waiting lists to get your name on a new home development. Sadly though….they are ghost towns now.

  • Al Sunshine

    The mountain landscape in the background is beautiful.This is impressive but not a patch on China’s ghost cities.

  • EconCat88

    Thanks for watching.

  • thisismr t

    I wanna know if its a good idea to buy houses there and just sit on it for a many years and re sell it or rent it

  • jvolstad

    I’ll bet you miss that dry hot Vegas weather now that it’s winter time in Ohio. More roads to nowhere! Please,

  • EconCat88

    The strip itself has many empty spaces. It epitomizes the real estate bubble.

  • RoyMunnson

    Unreal only about 8 miles from Strip

  • besteli1

    Luckily San Antonio is still steadily growing and has a great variety of people, all races, religions, rich/poor. And we don’t build houses ahead of the crowd, all the new houses are built for each person that wants them. For the rich, move to the northside of San antonio, less wealthy, live everywhere else, simple.

  • EconCat88

    I have a dozen or so videos from a recent Florida visit that will be posted next week.

  • mja2035

    Beautiful homes, beautiful sky. Where are the jobs, right now this is not sustainable. The dry heat here in Denver feels good to. Just don’t stay out in it for too long.

  • mja2035

    EconCat88 videos fascinate me too.

  • jvolstad

    1192 Evergreen Cove. HUD home. 2400+ sq ft. Built in 2007. Asking $148,500. When it goes under $100K, I might be interested.

  • endocondor

    Your videos fascinate me. I can’t get enough of them.

  • grippygrip

    Everyone please “google map” this area (Buckhorn Cove & Cow Cove, Henderson NV) and scroll left, right, up, and down and see the HUGE (and I mean HUGE) area these guy’s were in the process of developing. Who ever was at the top of the entity responsible for this waste should be beheaded. Where did these guy’s think all these home buyer’s were going to come from?!

  • EconCat88

    LV is toast…it’ll definitely be a buyers market for several more years!!!

  • me2995

    Nice find!

  • chuc555

    They should make that blocked off part into a go cart track , lots of fun for the kids!

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