Vancouver Real Estate video using Quadcopter Drone

Vancouver Real Estate video using Quadcopter Drone

We are stepping up our game with a new toy for making Real Estate teaser videos. We bought a DJI Phantom Quadcopter drone, hooked it up with a GoPro 3 Black …


  • harap white

    for commercial flying i hope you have not only permit from transport Canada
    (which is a requirement) but also insurance. Good luck!

  • Bobster986

    How much do you charge for your real estate video? Thanks!

  • syrupticious

    That’s a DJI drone from China. Very good technology and quality. Costs $699
    each, I think I might buy one too for aerial shoots.

  • EF2000CanFly .

    You guys do have Transport Canada SFOC permits to fly these commercially?
    The safe operations of this machines is essential, and I have seen them go
    down, flyaway out of control and hurt people who are not professional. They
    are not toys and are very powerful.


    Drones To Map Luxury Homes (VIDEO)

    Vancouver real estate investors are about to receive a drone’s eye view of
    the market’s most expensive homes. Realtors Jordan and Russ Macnab have
    enlisted a quad helicopter to help them create promotional videos of the
    homes they’re selling, with a particular focus on luxury properties.
    #vancouverhomes #vancouverrealtors

  • Jason Weinman Deep Cove REALTOR

    These guys have taken Real Estate Video to a new level. Some great footage
    and really opens up a number of new possibilities! LIKE!

  • Sally Prestia

    That’s Awesome. Wish we could do that here is Arizona!! Have any buyers
    that want to come to the warm weather, I would love your referrals!

  • Valente Espinosa

    Cámara en quadcoptero para promover venta de propiedades, bienes raices, 

  • Karen Biffi

    Very innovative! 

  • Anatoliy Shostak


  • rich young

    preparing for the collapse … from the skies above. nice.

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