The Most Expensive House in Atlantic Canada Prince Edward Island Real Estate PEI Canada Waterfront

The Most Expensive House in Atlantic Canada Prince Edward Island Real Estate PEI Canada Waterfront 576 Cable Head East Subscribe now to Prince Edward Island’…
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  • Sany Fox

    ok good you dream little bit….But it’s time to make money to live this kinda lifestyle
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  • michaelpoczynek

    I am sure we can have stone or brick installed if you want the added expense. 🙂 Brick and stone are practically non existent in PEI because we do not have any quarries or stone as a base to the island for the most part. Therefore, the product has the be shipped in. This exterior of this house is made up of an excellent component that is used on many high end homes. Thank you for your comments on my PEI Real Estate Video!

  • mangeunscio


  • michaelpoczynek

    Thank you Ctemple. I appreciate your comments on my Prince Edward Island Real Estate video and 576 Cable Head East. Although some of the comments are negative, that’s OK. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and some of them are right, and I can learn from some of them. Better product coming down the road. I am just thrilled that the video received as much attention as it did. I am thankful for this. Cheers!

  • Ctemple2012

    Screw the negative comments this place is awesome…! Better win the lotto first before considering it eh?

  • michaelpoczynek

    $6.9M at the beginning of the video.

  • michaelpoczynek

    I can certainly understand what you are saying, and I appreciate your comments and insight. In real estate, if you get 500 hits in 24 hours, it would be considered excellent. 7,000 in an hour, and 42,000 in a couple days in my opinion, in regards to real estate is going viral. In fact, if a real estate agent gets 500 hits total in 6 months it could be considered higher then average. That is why marketing is a big part of doing video – not just doing the video and putting it on YouTube.


    I hope you realize you can be fined anywhere between $5000-$25000 for operating a commercial UAV without a SFOC (Special Operations Flight Certificate) from Transport Canada for every flight. It’s all fun and games until it is done commercially (which this is) and then it requires a SFOC. You should contact the Atlantic region (Moncton) office of Transport Canada.

  • jacana285

    42,000 hits are not what I would consider “going viral” but e-mailing that it has to your customer base will.

  • michaelpoczynek

    I thought so too… until it went viral as a result. New version may be released down the road. Regardless, thank you very much for your comments on my PEI Real Estate Video.

  • arendaw

    Needs editing for spelling AND grammar.

  • michaelpoczynek

    Lets put it in writing. 🙂

  • michaelpoczynek

    That would be correct. Thank you. Thanks for watching.

  • michaelpoczynek

    Thank you for your comments on my Prince Edward Island Real Estate video. It won’t be too long before I will be older and looking at the “now” generation. We are all headed there sooner or later. All the best! 🙂

  • michaelpoczynek

    They are video editors not copyrighters that was the problem, but it all worked out in the end, and won’t happen again. Live and learn.

  • michaelpoczynek

    Actually, I think it is the typos that made the video go viral. Read the book Contagious by Jonah Berger. It’s about what makes things go viral, and I think all the typos made it happen here. That is just too funny. I was going to take it down ASAP, but it was getting so many hits I didn’t. Regardless, I appreciate your comments on my PEI Real Estate video, and there may in fact be a new version that is typo free. Have a great day!

  • Kim Madigan

    All this effort, and no proof reader or professional copywriter? It matters, trust me.

  • Gary Ge

    0:44 cant even spell “dreams” properly how retarded are these ppl

  • john carter

    Really smart idea for going towards the media and internet with the real estate business. I am not old enough, nor anywhere close to buying my own home, but i appreciate connecting with the “now” generation and getting a head start on your competitors. The editing is awesome, and i love how you knew that simple is best. keep it up!

  • kshitij924

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  • Steve P

    I’ll buy it 4mill

  • Patricia Gallant

    Did I miss it? What IS the listing price?

  • Todd Thompson

    I can’t believe even laundry “shoot” typo I would fix the typos galore and repost. Looks like a bonehead selling this house if you can’t even spell properly

  • michaelpoczynek

    Thank you! That’s OK, the viewers seemed to love the comment. Very witty. I have a long way to go when it comes to video production, but after 400 videos, and 7 years I am getting there… anything but a fast learner. 🙂 PS. There will be a new clean version with new titles… this one will remain online as well.

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