The Man Selling Billions In Real Estate

Coldwell Banker’s top agent in the world shares his secrets to success.
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  • Jersy Blafoski

    sounds like he is a leech

  • Rick Frissell

    Chris has nailed it. Sounds simple to say “integrity,” or “ethics” or
    “hard work.” But, it is sad, as an agent myself, how much of a stretch
    that is for so many. If I were not an agent, I would love to have Chris
    represent me.

  • Phil Ganz

    Very impressive!

  • Ro Scarbrough

    Nice story! It takes a great team and always do the right thing. We invest
    in quality glossy marketing materials. The client loves it and we direct
    mail to the neighborhood. I am lucky to have a great team at Hawaii Life!

  • coldfeel

    she is annoying

  • jovell delas alas

    wow..IDOL !! EXTRA ordinary guy..SALUTE !

  • James Willinsky

    Lucky guy! Closing 1.5 billion. I want to get into real estate! lol

  • Kathleen Woods


  • The Man .

    Integrety dosnt bring you leads stop fooling people .you dump money in

  • Spectrum Enterprises LLC

    Practice what you preach. Having your own property in Malibu is a
    significant advantage. Simple as it.

  • jovell delas alas


  • KaryBloomify

    The photographer should’ve gotten some percent for introducing these
    celebrities to Chris, Jk. Great job Chris, it’s all about dedication and of
    course knowing the right people. :)

  • Kostia Sydorov

    There in NO INVENTION needed to be The Best. People have done it, left a
    pattern, just follow basic steps and things will happen! The Man Selling
    Billions In Real Estate

  • Maxwell Brigenza

    This is stupid… if you are selling avg house price of $20 million (some
    are more then $100 mil) then you can make that portfolio too..

  • kamrul Hassan

    Hello, have you considered “Thousands for Surveys” (google it)? There you
    will discover useful tips on the right way to make easy money on the
    internet by filling out simple consumer surveys. This made it possible for
    Gary to work from the comfort of home and then benefit from financial
    independence super fast. Hopefully it helps you as well…

  • 7teretere

    hey, very good,video,and interview…I have to be born again, in Malibu, to
    be an agent like you… good luck ,keep your integrity, there is not enough
    money to repair it, or to frame it…

  • Chris Wilson

    I would like to hear some actual Real World Marketing tips to build the
    Business/Brand in Real Estate.

  • Ashley Tiernan

    I did start to write a long reply inviting him here to see if he is
    anything like as good as me but now have just deleted all, Not worth the
    time . Then I was going to tell you are a … BUT then I looked at your
    website after Googling your name and even though your website could be alot
    better you are SO LUCKY to have the dream homes in locations where people
    have money. What I have realsied from this is if I can sell over 30
    apartments here work out the figures i could make there. I LOVE HERE

  • dell fans

    Not really. She asked him whether or not his success is mostly because hes
    from Malibu. It would be different if someone that grew up in Compton was
    selling million dollar homes in that area. This guy was raised amongst
    these million dollar homes, and most importantly, amongst these million
    dollar people.

  • Rob Burns

    Its easy to sell billions in homes when you hang out with movie stars in
    Malibu, try selling $80k homes in the rest of the country like every other
    agent. I bet most decent agents in the country have closed more deals than
    this guy.

  • Real Estate Billy

    Smart Guy countless referrals Go Big Blue!!!

  • piecesofme

    ok… so, he’s really a socialite who happens to do real estate. product of
    luck and circumstance. “Hard work” had nothing to do with it, LOL! Love the
    lies that wealthy people tell themselves.

  • up2usampad1

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    you can get useful advice about how to make an income over the internet
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  • coltsuperocean10

    I really do not understand why a chump like Christophe Choo, has managed to
    make a living selling homes? Choo has simple no idea about style,
    architecture, or taste. He really is a lucky chancer. His description of so
    many properties are so far from the truth it beggars belief!

  • ghhhgjhh

    He is blessed with many advantages. I admire that he took advantage of his
    opportunities and is now great in his field trough hard work.

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