The Location Is A Key To The Commercial Real Estate Investor

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The Location Is A Key To The Commercial Real Estate Investor

If you are an investor of commercial real estate, location is an important factor in identifying the right property for purchase. A solid place attracts high volume tenants that brings together buyers who want their site. This increase in traffic offers the possibility of the landlord to charge higher rents and create more value from their property. The rent to a tenant can afford is one factor in the amount or volume of business they can do in a given location. The volume of business rather than make, the more income that can pay and pay.

The things you should look for in a good location are:

Easy entry and exit

It must be easy to enter and exit the property through multiple inputs and outputs.


There must be plenty of parking spaces and spaces should be convenient for customers.

A ratio of 4 to 5 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of leasable area is a good relationship. Having the right spaces in the windows is always a plus.

The proximity to major streets and highways

The site should be close to major streets and highways so that the property is easy to find for customers so they can buy their way home from work or sightseeing. The property must be at or near a busy street with high traffic volume. High volume of traffic is very important for tenants. Check the ADT (average daily) or CPD (vehicles per day).

Close to other properties with anchor tenants

Tenants located near an anchor tenant benefit of their traffic. Anchor tenants are major retailers such as discount stores larger electronics stores, shops for home improvements, grocery stores and pharmacies.

Signalized intersection

Being in a signalized intersection is extremely important. When cars have to slow down or stop at a stoplight, you have the time to see the stores in the mall.


Review the demographics of an area to ensure no growth of the population and not in an area of declining growth. You want your property is in the path of growth. Demographics also can tell you things like racial makeup, the number of domestic household income, and the daytime population of the area.


The properties are properly maintained with good scenery, parking areas and clean the windows, proper lighting to make the customer feel secure and maintain the buildings in good condition always attract the most customers for their tenants .


A professional signage program is still always improve a property and a great monument sign in front of the center makes it easier for customers to know who is on the property.

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