The Houses October Built Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Horror Movie HD

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  • redterror66

    Can found footage stop being a thing please.

  • Adam Ant

    “yes, let’s quit our day jobs and go look for haunted houses… and by
    haunted houses, we mean houses inhabited by juggalo squatters.”

  • TicTacPilgrim

    It’s all one big prank in the end.

  • billyrayjoebob2

    God I am so sick of found footage horror. 

  • Earthshallperish

    Is there like a documentary about these haunted houses? Just wondering
    because the plot seems interesting to me until the little girl in the
    middle of nowhere.

  • Edgars Daronda

    dosn’t look scary

  • Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg

    LOL, nothing in comparison to actually existing McKamey Manor, especially
    the 2014 version…

  • NoA Rhex

    laughed my ass off, from the start to the end…

  • Demention94

    Great concept. Doesn’t look like an excellent film though. Could have been
    a Rob Zombie film..seems up his alley

  • PunkdRebel

    Don’t mind me, just going through horror movie trailers with my sound on
    mute and my mouse on the bar so I know of any jump scares :3

  • Logan Johnson

    1:47 please tell me they did not just use that sound effect 

  • chihuahuasarecute123

    I thought the movie was awesome. It took a concept that’s current and went
    with it. I know some people don’t like found footage but I like it because
    it makes you feel like you’re in the movie and it’s a more intimate way of
    connecting with the characters. The movie was suspenseful and got me
    uncomfortable a lot. As someone who attends horror houses, this was a
    freaky concept. 

  • Lukas Re

    XDD so thats what modern horror movies came to ?

  • Khuzy

    Guys why is it a trailer is so cool and super scary but the movie turns out
    crap and within 2 weeks everyone forgets, but sometimes a movie has a crap
    trailer and turns out to be one of the best horrors of the year, i mean
    annabelle, the trailer did draw me in, but the movie is crap, the conjuring
    crap trailer, AWESOME MOVIE

  • Derrick Olivas

    The houses October Built- how do u think this movie will be? 

  • Tom Coon

    Worst ending ever…

  • Kenneth Wayne Lee II

    I’d just start the keys and pretend Im Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V

    Real as gamers would understand.

  • John Johnson

    Wow! Thats a great idea for a horror movie. Now let’s make it literally the
    worst quality ever by making shaky cams and off screen action. I mean there
    are better camera footage from people using iPhones on the street, filming
    two black chicks fight.

  • chasemebaby

    Filmed on a Cell Phone. Watched on an airplane. Yawn. 

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  • Rubén Bro

    I think most of north-american people have a problem with giving opinions
    before watching a movie or listening to an album, etc, etc….
    Why they do that? isn’t arrogant or something?
    I mean, it’s like they believe they know everything, even they know nothing.
    “I prefer read a comment saying: I watched the movie and I didn’t like it,
    or I watched the movie and I love it” instead of “This movie LOOKS shit”
    because it doesn’t say anything, because when people use words like LOOKS
    or SEEMS, you are saying, that you’re not sure because you don’t know
    because you don’t have the background to have opinions.

    PS: I am not trying to offend anyone, but it’s hard to not realize what
    I’ve seen for a long time in many movie trailers. I am not defending the
    movie neither because I haven’t seen it yet.

  • franlovesmusic

    Look bad lol 

  • !Zombeee

    i guess we can agree that in this movie the quality of the make up artist
    it’s gonna be a thing c:

  • Robert Minas

    Can’t see shit. When are they gonna start filming normal movies.

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