The 4 Best Ways to Get More Listings – Kevin Ward

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  • Kevin Ward

    Here is a great example of The Columbo-Technique:

  • Team Innovation

    There are a number of ways to make money in real estate without buying and
    selling properties. Your key to success is building a massive buyers list
    and continuing to add to it as often as possible.

  • Anthony Lewis

    I appreciate your training; can & will incorporate some methods, thank

  • Mike Brueske

    Thanks, Kevin. The whiteboard diagram makes it even clearer. My “aha” was
    when you talked about how most activity feeds back into your personal
    circle/pipeline, Mike.

  • ramses alvarez barajas

    Great video!! very useful and lots of great ideas, the best part is when
    you say about knocking doors just to let them know about the open house. 

  • william dockery

    thank you so much I just joined kw and was feeling a bit discouraged this
    helped a great deal

  • Colin O'Leary

    Kevin, I learned so much from your videos. Very clear and direct to the
    point. I shared your videos with some agents that I am helping get started.
    Keep it going! Thanks

  • Kevin Ward

    Thanks, Colin! What other types of training videos would you like to see?

  • Kevin Ward

    Not sure the problem. Email me directly at kevin@yesmasters(dot)com.

  • Kevin Ward

    Thanks, Serge!

  • Colin O'Leary

    Excellent video!

  • Deborah Shane

    Just have a regular gmail email address with cacoastal……. etc… I hope
    I can get the download. Thank you for your response :0)

  • Kevin Ward

    Hi Deborah! Thanks for your comments! I’ll check into the download issue.
    FYI…if you use a non-personal email like “info@…” it will not send to
    generic emails that start with “info” or “sales” or “support”, etc.

  • Deborah Shane

    Hi Kevin, that was truly awesome. Thank you. Also, I went to your site and
    put in my name and email twice for the listing presentation offered and it
    said to look for an email, but I never got one to confirm and download the
    presentation :0( is it not working? I’ve watched 2 of your video’s so far
    and they are great. Thank you for posting them.

  • gofockyourself123

    Would it be safe to say that listing agents don’t need to know many buyers
    since buyer’s agents are the ones bringing the buyers? If you have
    “thousands of agents working for you on the weekends”, are you merely a
    door opener/housesitter then? I saw those reality shows on Bravo, and the
    listing agents’ job seems to be to hold parties and gatherings for buyer’s

  • Serge Bissainthe

    Great video. I love the Columbo analogy!!!

  • norvman

    Great stuff… I just got on with KW and just starting out… this was
    great information… thanks for the share … keep up the good work… and
    I love watching Columbo… LOL!

  • Kevin Ward

    That’s awesome Audeliz! If I can do anything for your office, let me know!
    Not sure where you’re located, but I occasionally speak at real estate
    office meetings if your local. If not, I also can visit your office meeting
    “virtually” by Google Hangouts and do some powerful training. Talk soon!

  • Kevin Ward

    Thanks Marvin.

  • Audeliz Angie Perez

    Thanks Kevin for sharing. That’s was really valuable for me. Each time you
    said pipeline, I pictured water flowing fast, slow, depending on pipeline’s
    label – turbo fast flowing . I hope to share your video at my next office
    meeting and more importantly, to execute your strategies.

  • Marvin Herman

    Great Video Kevin! I feel like you shared some really great ideas for new
    agents or us agents (myself included) that need to get back to the basics!
    Thanks for sharing! Please add me to your out of State referral list for
    Colorado (Denver Metro Including Ft. Collins, Loveland and Greeley). I pay
    an excellent referral percentage to other licensed agents! Marvin Herman /
    Elite Premier Properties / / 720-937-6986

  • Sandra Braley

    Creativity and consistency can be challenging. Your examples are very
    helpful to achieve this. Thank you!

  • Phil Moore

    Thanks Kevin… I’m inspired to begin this plan immediately!

  • Mushtaq Khan

    Gr8 info Cavin

  • David Taylor

    Thank you Kevin! I am a new agent and have a lot to learn. You’ve made a
    lot of useful points relevent to where I am in my career. Much appreciated!

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