Talia Castellano’s Bedroom Beauty Makeover | Room Tour With Rebecca Robeson

Like this Room Tour? Thumbs up above and subscribe: www.youtube.com We’ve got style to spare: www.youtube.com Can’t get enough Talia Castellano? Click here: www.youtube.com Check out more of Rebecca’s work: www.youtube.com Beauty guru Talia Castellano is a 13-year-old inspiration who’s battling two types of cancer. When designer Rebecca Robeson heard Talia’s story, she decided that the girl who spent so much time inspiring millions was due for a treat of her own. With the help of some friends, Rebecca redesigned Talia’s room to create a space fit for someone of her mighty stature. Come along for the journey and the tour! Talia’s room photos courtesy Tammy DeLaRosa In Room Tour, award-winning designer Rebecca Robeson transforms any space to make it fun, beautiful, and WOW! She helps people just like you put the sparkle in a space.


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