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Take a virtual tour and see some of the highlights of the galleries and behind the scenes of the Museum. Find out what’s on: http://www.nhm.ac.uk.


19 Responses to “Take a virtual tour of the Museum | Natural History Museum”
  1. fireraider747 says:

    Such a nice looking museum…

  2. Jake Howard says:

    Visit not vist

  3. Stargate Academy says:

    Great museum! Highly recommend seeing when you are in London. Here in New
    York we have something called the American Museum of Natural History which
    is not too shabby either!

  4. Jake Howard says:

    One of my all time favourite places to go either during the holidays or
    just to vist when I’m not at school I highly recomend it to others

  5. JTXenon says:

    3:10 Dem eyebrows

  6. lilyeve222 says:

    Science is amazing. It’s great to progress and learn.

  7. snaileri says:

    DisneyLand is about fiction, the museum is about reality.

  8. 890slay says:

    I really enjoyed the time there.

  9. deanashraf12 says:

    Incredible event-hosting skills at 02:46

  10. Filip Voska says:

    Probably the best museum in London, and that’s saying something.


    Coming over this year

  12. Davy Jones, Captain of The Flying Dutchman. says:

    Woohoo going this Thursday and I get access behind the scenes 😛

  13. Ronald Schaut says:

    naturalsciences be

  14. Kevin Langstone says:

    Went there today. 32 degrees, no air con and packed with loud foreign brats
    that barge their way past instead of walking around you. The exhibits were
    good though.

  15. iDizzleHDD says:

    Not really, Just a hard time trying to park…

  16. Josh Edwards says:

    Can anybody tell me, is there long ques to get in?

  17. Davy Jones, Captain of The Flying Dutchman. says:


  18. dipale23 says:

    an enchanting place to visit stuffed full of mind candy

  19. Natural History Museum says:

    Hi Josh, we do get queues during busy periods – particularly holidays – but
    we let you know on-site how long you can expect to wait to get in. You can
    also follow @NHM_Visiting on Twitter to see what the queues are like on the
    day (if they aren’t mentioned it typically means they aren’t significant).
    More information about getting to the Museum can be found on our website
    (YouTube doesn’t let me post the link). P.S. The Science Museum and V&A are
    next door to us too, if you need an alternative.

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