Sunwest Trust Video Blog- Buying Real Estate Through your IRA — (800) 642-7167, Informative Blog about buying Real Estate through your IRA. Hi, this is Dustin White with Sunwest Trust. Today we’re filming our second edition of my video blog and we’re going to talk about purchasing real estate in your IRA. When purchasing real estate in your IRA, it’s very important to do it correctly. If not, it can cause problems for both you and your custodian and it can take a lot longer. If you follow these basic steps, it’ll make purchasing real estate in your IRA very simple and an easy transaction. The first thing you’re going to do is notify Sunwest Trust of your intent to purchase real estate. The next thing you’re going to want to do is negotiate the purchase price of the real estate. There’s several ways you can purchase property, if you purchase it from an individual or purchase it on a short sale or a foreclosed home or even purchasing on a real estate contract or a deed of trust, something like that. All of these things are going to be things that you’re going to want to consider before making the investment. So make sure that you figure out what you want to do and you negotiate all these things ahead of time. The next thing you’re going to want to do is make sure that the purchaser on the property is not yourself but your IRA. So all of the documents are going to be titled to Sunwest Trust, Custodian for Your Name, IRA, and then Sunwest Trust will eventually — when the closing time comes, Sunwest Trust will sign


  • GuiaDInmuebles

    Im glad that you put this whole thing in the description as well so it is easier to follow along. Definitely some good advice.

  • ArixaCapitalAdvisors

    Great presentation!

    We’ve been putting together lots of resources and podcasts for people interested in learning about these types of investments. Do a google search for Arixa trust deed investing FAQs for more info.

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