Sunny Day Real Estate – Seven (Audio)

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Antoha161

    Thumbs up if you are here just because Nate is in this band 🙂

  • Jacob Topp

    Oh quit being a hipster

  • audioproducer88

    If ANY BAND is EMO, it is Rites of Spring, Embrace, Fugazi, Minor Threat & Husker Du which is POST-HARDCORE music!!! There’s NO SUCH THING as Emo!!!

  • nightmare92ize

    i love the song and the album cover too.

  • hegemonster

    Death Cab had a decent album and a decent EP, in like 2002. They suck so hard now.

  • xSaBBaTHxx


  • exceptTheOnlyone

    “Cutting themselves and wearing black” belongs only to people who want to cut themselves. and black.. anyone can wear black.

  • marioandluigi012345

    “Cutting themselves and wearing black” only belongs in black metal. The lead singer of Mayhem used to cut himself on stage with a bottle.

  • Inpatientsnake

    this is emo? sounds more like indie rock 

  • Inpatientsnake

    just cause they sound similar does not mean anything 

  • blackdog045

    This has probably been said already, but I feel like the Silversun Pickups must have been influenced greatly by this band.

  • Raimundo dos Santos Ferreira


  • SlyGuy2895

    2 people are on crack

  • Kriskazam

    Nah I just categorize it as emo

  • uniquemind162

    God I am so glad I found this…

  • saby7825


  • saby7825

    well in all honesty it’s a mayyer of opinion so there’s no real need for labels it’s just a tag to slap onto somthing no-one quite understands and a bad habit at that. It’s a breeding ground for unescessary conflict. So i tend to stay away from that stuff. It’s really up to you what you want to call it, or instead of that just get lost in the music 😀

  • munchkin121290

    it’s a little hard to understand exactly what type of music you’re talking about when you just say “good music”, this is why genres exist friend, for context

  • thybartismurder

    theres all music i enjoy not including whatever i didn’t feel like listing, but there you go have your fun and hate.

  • thybartismurder

    Upon A Burning Body
    The Used
    We Butter The Bread With Butter

  • thybartismurder

    The Ghost Inside
    Haunted Shores
    I Set My Friends On Fire
    I the Mighty
    Kingdom Of Giants
    La Dispute
    The Last Ten Seconds Of Life
    Loren Battle
    A Lot Like Birds
    Make Do and Mend
    Motionless in White
    MyChildren MyBride
    Never Shout Never
    Parkway Drive
    Pianos Become the Teeth
    Pierce The Veil
    The Postal Service
    Resist The Thought
    Scarlett O’ Hara
    Settle The Sky
    Sienna Skies
    A Skylit Drive
    Sleeping With Sirens
    Stick To Your Guns
    State Of East London
    Thy Art Is Murder

  • thybartismurder

    Animals as Leaders
    Asking Alexandria
    Attack Attack! (US)
    August Burns Red
    Being as an Ocean
    Betraying the Martyrs
    Blink 182
    Blood Of The Martyrs
    Breakdown Of Sanity
    Cattle Decapitation
    Pig Destroyer
    Chelsea Grin
    Dance Gavin Dance
    Death Cab For Cutie
    Depths Of Hatred
    Ellie Goulding
    Embracing Abomination
    Enter Shikari
    Eskimo Callboy
    Far West Battlefront

  • thybartismurder

    suck my ass.

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