Sunny Day Real Estate – In Circles (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Sunny Day Real Estate - In Circles (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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  • Jeffrey Marsh

    indie music community – friday flashback

    Sunny Day Real Estate is somewhat of a curious band. at one point in the
    90s it looked like they would exit the decade as one the most influential
    indie acts out there: up there with Pavement, Modest Mouse, Guided By
    Voices etc; but following their brilliant LP2 (The Pink Album), the band
    imploded (2 members leaving for the Foo Fighters) and some time after the
    emo scene they were so often lumped in with saw its demise as well. fairly
    or not, the band doesn’t often come up in conversations about the best acts
    from the decade any longer, but who knows, time can be funny. i was just
    reading the other day about some new acts reinterpreting the emo sound and
    breathing new life into the genre. perhaps Sunny Day Real Estate will one
    day see their due.

    Sunny Day Real Estate – In Circles (1994)

  • Jean-Francois Hayeur

    That’s pretty much when the girls went: ”Wow this is good” and the punk
    guys went: ”Wha…..t…..?! What is….this….Oh no,….” But Sunny Day
    was great. It was great when maybe a few bands sounded like this. But
    decades later, hundreds of bands sound like them. It’s hard to keep
    something fresh for long.

  • Fan No Sekai

    All you people saying this is terrible. First off, the sheer influence this
    record and band had on music is incredible. Bands like them, The Promise
    Ring, Saves The Day. They had such a huge influence on…shit. Plain shit.
    All those shitty post emocore bands that should be humiliated with what
    they did. SDRE is more grunge than emo, not by too much, but the comments
    here are pretty ridiculous. 

  • Evin Paauwe

    This is great. Whoa.

  • HULK SMASHinton


  • kia cx

    Lol i agree with greg there pretty terrible

  • weezle2371

    This band is from Seattle and sounds way more like grunge rock then emo.
    Leading me to believe grunge was a precursor to emo

  • Yad Neerg

    This is real emo not that processed bullshit 

  • Zero

    definitely here elements that 3 days grace were influenced by this band

  • itaketheSQUARE


  • Ricardo Alonso

    one of the best songs that year

  • Ray Brunelle

    they shouldve been bigger 


    well i go in circles … running down #90semo #SDRE 

  • Pratama Wirya

    This song is so AWESOOOOME!!! 

  • Nicholas Falzarano

    can we get some subtitles or something plz? I can’t understand a single
    word he is saying.

  • Rekkid Tress

    tfw no gf

  • amri sanjaya

    grunge never lies

  • Sasha Hartzog

    IN CIRCLES………………..

  • Justin Hemmer

    The originators of emo, one of the greatest bands signed by subpop in the

  • Tim Lowe

    One of the Mayberry Shift’s biggest influences

  • Cyan

    Ahhh those days…
    In my opinion:

    1980 – 1990 Original Emo
    1990 – 1994 Instrumental Evolution of Emo
    1994 – 2000 Great Emo
    2000 – 2003 Heveanly Emo (Best albums ever)
    2003 – 2006 Awesome Emo (Not as good as 2000 ish though)
    2007 – 2009 Eh this is starting to sound like metalcore, lyrics are okay.
    2009 – 2014 Generic Bands/Albums/Songs composed by crap metalcore riffs
    with repetitive and vacuous lyrics, sometimes they add annoying synths and
    auto-tune their voice, whiney and dull screams.

    Does anyone else agree with me ? (: 

  • KaizerRolls

    “I’m not emo guys gawdd”
    “Then why are you listening to Sunny Day Real Estate?”

  • Kelly N.

    Unglued review – Music/Band – Sunny Day Real Estate

    Sunny Day was a extremely important band of my youth. It intro’d me to a
    completely new sound in the punk genre and I still to this day listen to a
    ton of the post punk bands that revolutionized the indie music scene. Diary
    their first and most acclaimed album is a staple in my rotation from 1994
    till today.

  • Evin Paauwe

    I’m a poser

  • Isabel Tuck

    I’m really new to Sunny Day Real Estate, and I’m just wondering:
    Do a lot of their songs have swearing? I’m not really a big fan of tons of
    cussing, but I just want to know…I do love this song for starters

  • GreatPirateSolomon

    +Finite Atticus I’m not metal, but some of my best friends are…. 

  • Swansen03

    circa survive did some stuff with these guys not so far back(also, its why
    i’m here)

  • Justin Michael

    Seven – Sunny Day Real Estate

  • musically lost

    First time I hear these guys, and there ok.

  • Steve ByDefault

    Is it weird that I’m Goth and like this song?

  • Sky The Unicorn

    My ears….

  • Vivian Nguyen

    I can’t understand a single word. The musical instrumental part not bad but
    wtf is this I can’t understand any of what’s happening . Like wtf is this .
    They can play…..their instruments…… Kinda but wtf is with the vocals

  • Arks

    wtf is he saying?

  • Emai Kun

    how many people were brought here by south park? xD

  • kia cx

    Omg this is awful

  • Jema Marmar

    Onision got me here and it’s not that your bad your super out dated for
    this generation 

  • Byakuro Sasaki

    Wow. Onision brought you here? I was brought by South Park Goths XD

  • MrJojOizHam

    Hold up so what your saying is that one of us might not be a vampire
    kid? And I Bet its this lil nigga right here singing

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