Sunny Day Real Estate…Diary FULL ALBUM

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1. Seven 0:00 2. In Circles 4:44 3. Song About An Angel 9:43 4. Round 15:57 5. 47 20:06 6. The Blankets Were The Stairs 24:50 7. Pheurton Skeurto 30:15 8. Sh…

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29 Responses to “Sunny Day Real Estate…Diary FULL ALBUM”
  1. Kagamine Rin Chan says:

    this sucks (offense to people who like this) i just wouldn’t want to
    listen to this :/ ever again 

  2. Jp O'Brien says:

    OK, this is for all you little scenesters and youngster funsters..

    Emo, grunge, whatever!! Get the fuck over yourselves!! When are you going
    to just quit generalizing and categorizing every fucking thing you hear?? I
    mean really?? Just listen to it. Does it speak to you? Like it or not, not
    everything in music needs to fit into some kind of stupid sub-gonre!! Oh
    yeah, one more thing, all music is emotionality charged! With out emotions
    there would be no music at all.. So I digress, is all music emo then.. Ha!!
    Get over yourselves! Just listen and if it evokes some kind of positive
    emotion for you then like it and listen. Otherwise, just move on to
    something that does.. Geeze!!

  3. Mr Eighty says:

    Are there any new emo bands like this or Mineral. The new ones are too

  4. Jem S says:

    For what it’s worth, this came out on the same day as Weezer’s debut.
    That. Is a good day.

  5. Bj Jones says:

    This isn’t emo its awsome

  6. Zinovia says:

    This album is their best, love it! ^ ^

  7. Caleb Grasse says:

    sunny day real estate and nirvana made foo fighters, just a fun fact

  8. Cassidy Robinson says:

    A whole new generation learned of SDRE through South Park? Well, okay then.
    Just behave and don’t break anything while you’re looking around.

  9. Rhys Canty says:

    never heard of these guys big punk fan also love late 80’s early 90’s
    grunge alt rock stuff, this music really fucking hit me in the feels

  10. Nicolas NS says:

    Nate’s old band… Pretty fucking cool!

  11. Pa Jü says:

    Southpark Goth Kids <3 :D

  12. Mario Morales says:

    This album is definitely a grower, at least for me. I enjoy this a lot more
    now than I did back in the day.
    Vocals aside (not that I have any problem with them, though others might),
    these are very solid songs, both accesible and challenging. Wonderful
    guitars with a very powerful delivery.

  13. Mohammad Khan says:

    Was “round” ever played live?

  14. socca blau says:

    this is just fucking classic! 

  15. Paul Abe says:

    this rocks I like all the music when i graduated. NO BEER we drank it all

  16. Johnathon Hunter Pettigrew says:

    anyone who does not consider this record as complete and beautiful art then
    i feel really really sorry for you.

  17. Desolate Soul says:

    My bass teacher knows the guitarist. It’s pretty awesome. 

  18. capostatus937 says:

    this isn’t real emo like My Chemical Romance

  19. Kenny Timper says:

    Reading the comments here is disheartening.

  20. Elisa Princess says:

    The only thing I don’t like about emo music is that the only thing people
    ever talk about is the word emo. I honestly think that you people care more
    about specifying genre category/purity than actually enjoying music. It’s
    so much more pleasant reading the comments on a The Used or Armor for sleep
    or From First to Last video

  21. Colin Fraser says:

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug…

  22. Zach Simon says:

    This is the original emo. It came from the hardcore scene in NY and other
    areas. I

  23. Jp O'Brien says:

    Please read past the little box past where comments are abbreviated before
    freaking out or jumping to conclusions.. Thanks you tube world!! Much love
    to sunny day regardless of what type of genre people want to call it.. I
    would describe it as MUSIC!!!

  24. Noah Perez says:

    southpark brought me here

  25. Alex Ryan says:

    Good album.

  26. David .Miller says:

    Thank you for sharing these videos they’re so informative and have helped
    me out so much. I hope I get the opportunity to work with you and your team

  27. Roy Spicer says:

    I have been watching these videos the past week to brush up on my real
    estate studies for my test. Great job Kevin. Like some of the other people
    who have commented…I would really hate to deal with whoever that annoying
    female is who keeps interrupting and challenging things she disagrees with!
    Just shut up and listen. If you know everything then don’t show up so we
    can benefit from the class. Totally gets on my nerves. I feel sorry for
    anyone who has to deal with her in real estate. 

  28. Ryan Carlson says:

    Does the female student who continuously chimes in throughout all the
    videos realize that these are being recorded for educational purposes? I’m
    all for asking questions, but her participation is not simply for
    clarification, it goes from storytelling, all the way to seeming
    argumentative sometimes. Very frustrating.

  29. Charles Mills says:

    thanks for posting this! i can play 1.6****no sound and learnz…..
    de flowz

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