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Social Media for Real Estate Agents Local Blogging. When it comes to social media marketing and real estate agents one thing needs to be understood, Facebook is not the largest platform, blogging is. Here is how real estate agents should know and apply blogging to build their business contacts and leads online. When I ask real estate agents what is the largest social media platform online the resounding answer is always “Facebook”. This is not even close to the truth. While many of those platforms are increasing as far as social metrics are concerned, blogging is what get’s found and what generates a solid stream of traffic. Blogging is simply put one of the best strategies for getting a solid presence locally. And at the same time you can literally go global because of the content you have the ability to create. Remember this though, keep yourself plugged into your local community just like you are now, but from now on, share it online. Social Media for real estate agents is a must to learn in today’s marketplace. Local blogging is by far the largest and most recognized of the social media platforms that truly ads value and trust.
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How we need to stop the misuse of social media, QR codes and misleading statements in advertising, especially real estate. Sorry for the audio lag in places!


  • Robert St-Clair

    LOTS of sense. Thanks, really entertaining

  • TextoAD1

    TextoAD1 1 second ago
    I Totally agree! Now there’s a nex-gen tool for sign riders that does not require cumbersome QR codes or Short Codes, instead, they use a regular phone number that automatically answers every call, the system asks the caller for a property address and sends the property info via text instantly. The agent receives a text-alert with the caller’s number to follow up. It’s called TextoAd and it also provides analytics for every property.

  • calgaryhomezone

    Excellent video & comments, thank you!!

  • manticoreproductions

    A kitten just died. I just tried to scan that qr code you showed in this clip from my phone as I was watching it on my phone 🙁

  • livechatconcepts

    actually sends me to a Delivr mobile page?

  • Robert Dall

    Scott it is almost like you read my entire mind regarding this marketing and put it into a concise video… Thank you!

  • jimhart91

    Spot on. Love the folks that feel there needs to be a disclaimer that this is ‘your opinion.’ DUH. Something tells me they email their list several times a week, plastering them with listings and sales.

  • mrfrenik

    Great video, great advice, and as a small business owner myself, I’m kinda happy that most people seem to not agree with you. 🙂 Guess that means I’ll have a leg up on competition, eh?

  • Ariaan Bruinsma

    BTW, anyone ever mentioned you look like Angus Macfadyen (

  • Alan Currall

    Not being a religious person, I have found that my local church has got this social thing (not spouting their business/beliefs/church) down. They listen & chat on a social level.

  • Sally Smith

    I like this guy .. he is at least honest.

  • binkleygold

    Nice video that helps agents understand more about qr codes. I developed Rapid QR Codes and have several real estate specific qr code genearators. Agents should link to the specific property to get the best use. But they should go ahead and allow users to save their contact info into their smart device too. Rapid Qr Codes developed some qr code creators that are free to use that does just that, Thanks for the video. I’m gonna post on my blog if that is ok with you.

  • makeiteasyable


  • Randy Miller

    How about they use Augmented reality for their business. See sample videos on millers concepts channel or “Augmented reality Real Estate signage and Brochure Aurasma” Tell me what you think?

  • SEODojo

    Scott… many years in Real estate and been an online marketer for about 17 yrs. Worked for one of the biggest homebuilders in Toronto. I disagree with some of what you say. For instance a stream of just listings..useless… announcing new listings, open houses and sales, dropping tips on showing homes and preparing for a showing are gold assuming people in your stream are clients and or interested in RE. I mean why else would they follow you?

  • scan2save

    Thank you for saying this so well. I’m sending this to all my realtor clients.

  • Colleen Collins

    I want that T-shirt Scott! the Awesome meter!

  • theservman

    I see she hasn’t changed any…

  • Taryn East

    Heaps of stuff. Off the top of my head (and I’m not in real estate) how about erm.. “whether to go for the extra bedroom or for a better location”, “how to tell if a listed property is worth the extra 10-20K”, “easy pitfalls to look out for when searching”

    I’m sure if you thought about it you could come up with heaps of useful, interesting stuff to talk about that involves real estate…. but isn’t just listings.

  • DeeDee Riley

    Great input!  Thank you Scott!

  • Stacy Stateham

    I love this video – amen Scott!

  • A J Coh

    Viewers: It’s apparent Scott is fairly involved in SocMed / Mrktg via the tools of technology most of us use. w/sooo many forms of SocMed outreach, many indvdls & companies A) mis-use these tools, or B) not aware of how their overall usage is lacking or NOT hitting target audience. Scott has insights & examples. He does not rant. With primarily “Business INFOrmational” YTube video postings….try….really try….to discern the imparted essence of posting, not comment on an inferred ‘attitude’

  • Jeremy Green

    How do you feel about using a QR Code to send people directly to the “Like” button on a FB Fan Page using one of the QR Code generators that does that?

  • Whitney Pannell

    Spot on!

  • nonymoos

    I recently saw a large QR code on a sign offering commercial property for lease. The sign was on a road with heavy traffic and nowhere to pull over to grab the code. If you’re challenged by scanning a code in the newspaper, imagine aiming your smartphone out your window while driving 45mph in heavy traffic!

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