Small Log Homes

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Home Centre TV Commercial - No two homes will be the same

Ever wondered how owning similar furniture like everybody else could prove embarrassing? Check out our latest commercial to see how no two homes will be the same with Home Centre. Choose from.
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22 Responses to “Small Log Homes”
  1. Heather Howard says:

    Im in awe!! I sooo want one of these. This is all Andy and i need for
    living. I dont think he is taking me serious! I have never been more
    serious in my life!

    Small Log Homes:

  2. Anton Hapiak says:

    I’d like to build myself one of these.

    Small Log Homes:

  3. Eden 2.0 says:

    Your vids are always nice to watch. Thanks :)

  4. briannatans says:

    What’s the song? Love it.

  5. Marsha Florom says:

    How cute may i have one marsha

  6. maxxonetwo3 says:

    Very nice video. Thank you. Brings peace in my heart.

  7. airic2897 says:

    Hah is that bob segar? Hell ya!

  8. Grig Stamate says:
  9. Grace Serena Christie says:

    Nice homes like great next to the lakes or forest for the summer. Just
    relax. This way the house works for you and you don’t work for it. 

  10. Najeeb Puthiyallam says:

    Wait i didnt get it.

  11. d stone says:

    Did you noticed that some of furniture from IKEA in this video ?!?!?
    Well .. You made mistake
    IKEA is the best . 

  12. Мульт ТV says:
  13. Nimmi Manoj says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:gfj. 

  14. wepi8 says:

    you deserve a medal for this Ad. soooo happy to see such creativity in
    local ads done by local clients. (y) keep it up

  15. Yoshika Manoj says:

    one commercial I didnt ever wanna close when it appears across my videos.
    Very creative..

  16. Rami Elhoot says:

    in your face ikea lol

  17. claudees says:


  18. Sabeena Alnuhasi says:

    That was a cute Ad!! A real suspense one..No two Homes will be the same.

  19. ahmed alfarsi says:


    احلى دعايا

  20. Suresh Vb says:

    wow. very good work Kunj :)

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