Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License? – Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License? Find out on this very detailed video. Also, here …
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  • Fernando Perez

    hey man i enjoy all your videos man i have a question for you, ive always
    had a passion for real estate i bought my first property at the age of 21
    and i kept it for almsot 4 years sold it recently but i really wanna get
    involved im going for m real estate license out here in MASSACHUSETTS so is
    there any advice you can give me i would greatly appreciate it kep it up. i
    suscribed to your youtube.

  • Nolan Goodall

    I have been doing my research on real estate investing. I am 22 an have low
    capital, I live in the metro Detroit area I am looking for where to begin
    if you could point me In the right direction I would appreciate it. 

  • blackhillsfoamworks

    great channel,I am in the debate now where I am thinking about a license,
    I am currently on The construction end of flipping property and helping
    others repair there flips or rentals. as I am a home remodel contractor and
    purchase small rehabs on contracts and live in them while I rehab. im in
    the Midwest. Black Hills, im wanting to step it up to multi units and or
    motels. do you have suggestions or contacts in this area?

  • Chris Chabi

    Do you mentor people in Michigan?

  • Missy Renne

    Really appreciate your candid and informative videos! I’m a new
    Stay-at-home mom (professionally a recruiter and teacher) that has had
    interest in real estate investing, particularly wholesaling, after watching
    your video on that topic. Overall I have a passion for homes-decorating,
    refurbishing etc. I am finally in a position to take action, but honestly
    I’m scared to death!…of the unknown. Any recommendations on how/where
    to start, mentors??? I’m in Georgia…

  • DimebagVision

    I’m going to get my license strictly for ‘easy’ MLS access. Dealing with
    other agents is annoying, and ‘motivated sellers’ (in the traditional
    sense) are becoming scarce.

  • Stephon Cummings

    Amazing videos Phil! Do you possibly have any Coaches in the DC area?

  • toomanybytes

    Licensing is a state-controlled criminal racket that restrains trade,
    criminalizes peaceful citizens, extorts payments as frivolous fines and
    fees from victims, funnels business to licensees, and – above all –
    subverts free speech.

    The more control the commissioners want over their industry, the more
    judicial crime they need to advertise as “licensing enforcement.”

  • Demetri Paschalis

    Hey, do you mentor people in Canada? Specifically, Quebec, Montreal.

  • young moy forlife

    I just started to watched some of York videos because I would like to know
    about this business so far I like all your videos & I’m looking forward for
    some more. Thank you…


  • Jack Berry

    Hey Phil, I considered the fact that you are in the United States but I’m a
    new comer to this business in Canada Ontario and i wanted to know if you
    had any advice for me as a beginner when pertaining to wholesales? 

  • Numaan Rashid

    Hey phil im 16 & I live in ireland but my father invests in property in the
    uk as will I so If I get a real estate license in ireland and move to the
    uk or usa will I have to redo it ??
    Reply would be much appreciated :)

  • Mike Hall

    Phil, does it matter what school/program I obtain my license from and if
    so, what are the best institutions to go through in Texas?

  • Zack Cloud

    Phil should I get a Sales person/ Broker/ appraisal license before I start
    working just to get a quick heads up in the game.

  • Evian Pardo

    Hey Phil with all your success do you get a lot of sleep? Or do you
    purposely try not sleeping a lot to get more done?

  • Daisha Hudson

    Hey phil I am from South Carolina. college student. Is it best to get my
    real estate license now? and do you know any sponsors or grants for real
    estate school? 

  • Carolyn Quiah

    Hi Phil. Great video, very informative and helped a lot with my direction
    in the Real Estate field. Thanks

  • IszTV

    Hey Phil.. I’m looking to get into real estate investing ASAP but work a
    regular 9-5 with very little money… I’ve heard that it is still possible
    to make deals under these circumstances but I’m clueless on how to start..
    I know that there are listings of people who buy houses on websites but
    what do I say to them when calling? and who should I contact first the
    seller or buyer?

  • Sal Gobah

    Hello Phil,
    I’m just getting started with REI in Detroit, MI. The info you share is
    valuable beyond measure. I just wanted to let you know that you are
    appreciated and I study your videos all the time. I hope to someday meet
    you and shake your hand in honor and respect.
    Thank you
    Sal Nagi Gobah

  • br katz

    Thanks for the video, I just have 1 question. Is it possible to work with
    an agent in wholesaling ghetto houses to section 8 cash buyers? If so, how
    can you make the deal win win for everybody?

  • Daniel Dominguez

    Thanks for the advise. I have some partners together here in Florida and
    plan to start buying and selling…. I am currently in the pre- license
    course and was wondering if I was doing the right thing…. now I know it’s
    a good move. 

  • Zeinab AL Is7aq

    Great Video very valuable info thanks for sharing, definitely cleared some
    doubts excited that you really don’t have to to get licensed to get
    started yet would a value later on i never knew about the latter 

  • Jorell Archer

    So in one of your other videos you stated that when you are an investor you
    can put the deed under the name of a trust and have beneficiaries. If you
    are an agent and an investor would it make any difference, or sense to put
    each property you invest in under a trust rather than your name ? … I’m
    new to this 

  • jessica speigner

    Hey Phil- Why is it in NC the licensing to be in real estate is considered
    a provisional broker/broker versus in Maryland for example a broker is the
    next step following being licensed as a salesperson? Are you able to act as
    a broker once your licensed in NC and have other “provisional”brokers under

  • Creaper89

    your videos rock for new guys like me.. thanks for sharing the free
    education my friend 

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