Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License?

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25 Responses to “Should Real Estate Investors Get a Real Estate License?”
  1. Fernando Perez says:

    hey man i enjoy all your videos man i have a question for you, ive always
    had a passion for real estate i bought my first property at the age of 21
    and i kept it for almsot 4 years sold it recently but i really wanna get
    involved im going for m real estate license out here in MASSACHUSETTS so is
    there any advice you can give me i would greatly appreciate it kep it up. i
    suscribed to your youtube.

  2. Nolan Goodall says:

    I have been doing my research on real estate investing. I am 22 an have low
    capital, I live in the metro Detroit area I am looking for where to begin
    if you could point me In the right direction I would appreciate it. 

  3. blackhillsfoamworks says:

    great channel,I am in the debate now where I am thinking about a license,
    I am currently on The construction end of flipping property and helping
    others repair there flips or rentals. as I am a home remodel contractor and
    purchase small rehabs on contracts and live in them while I rehab. im in
    the Midwest. Black Hills, im wanting to step it up to multi units and or
    motels. do you have suggestions or contacts in this area?

  4. Chris Chabi says:

    Do you mentor people in Michigan?

  5. Missy Renne says:

    Really appreciate your candid and informative videos! I’m a new
    Stay-at-home mom (professionally a recruiter and teacher) that has had
    interest in real estate investing, particularly wholesaling, after watching
    your video on that topic. Overall I have a passion for homes-decorating,
    refurbishing etc. I am finally in a position to take action, but honestly
    I’m scared to death!…of the unknown. Any recommendations on how/where
    to start, mentors??? I’m in Georgia…

  6. DimebagVision says:

    I’m going to get my license strictly for ‘easy’ MLS access. Dealing with
    other agents is annoying, and ‘motivated sellers’ (in the traditional
    sense) are becoming scarce.

  7. Stephon Cummings says:

    Amazing videos Phil! Do you possibly have any Coaches in the DC area?

  8. toomanybytes says:

    Licensing is a state-controlled criminal racket that restrains trade,
    criminalizes peaceful citizens, extorts payments as frivolous fines and
    fees from victims, funnels business to licensees, and – above all –
    subverts free speech.

    The more control the commissioners want over their industry, the more
    judicial crime they need to advertise as “licensing enforcement.”

  9. Demetri Paschalis says:

    Hey, do you mentor people in Canada? Specifically, Quebec, Montreal.

  10. young moy forlife says:

    I just started to watched some of York videos because I would like to know
    about this business so far I like all your videos & I’m looking forward for
    some more. Thank you…


  11. Jack Berry says:

    Hey Phil, I considered the fact that you are in the United States but I’m a
    new comer to this business in Canada Ontario and i wanted to know if you
    had any advice for me as a beginner when pertaining to wholesales? 

  12. Numaan Rashid says:

    Hey phil im 16 & I live in ireland but my father invests in property in the
    uk as will I so If I get a real estate license in ireland and move to the
    uk or usa will I have to redo it ??
    Reply would be much appreciated :)

  13. Mike Hall says:

    Phil, does it matter what school/program I obtain my license from and if
    so, what are the best institutions to go through in Texas?

  14. Zack Cloud says:

    Phil should I get a Sales person/ Broker/ appraisal license before I start
    working just to get a quick heads up in the game.

  15. Evian Pardo says:

    Hey Phil with all your success do you get a lot of sleep? Or do you
    purposely try not sleeping a lot to get more done?

  16. Daisha Hudson says:

    Hey phil I am from South Carolina. college student. Is it best to get my
    real estate license now? and do you know any sponsors or grants for real
    estate school? 

  17. Carolyn Quiah says:

    Hi Phil. Great video, very informative and helped a lot with my direction
    in the Real Estate field. Thanks

  18. IszTV says:

    Hey Phil.. I’m looking to get into real estate investing ASAP but work a
    regular 9-5 with very little money… I’ve heard that it is still possible
    to make deals under these circumstances but I’m clueless on how to start..
    I know that there are listings of people who buy houses on websites but
    what do I say to them when calling? and who should I contact first the
    seller or buyer?

  19. Sal Gobah says:

    Hello Phil,
    I’m just getting started with REI in Detroit, MI. The info you share is
    valuable beyond measure. I just wanted to let you know that you are
    appreciated and I study your videos all the time. I hope to someday meet
    you and shake your hand in honor and respect.
    Thank you
    Sal Nagi Gobah

  20. br katz says:

    Thanks for the video, I just have 1 question. Is it possible to work with
    an agent in wholesaling ghetto houses to section 8 cash buyers? If so, how
    can you make the deal win win for everybody?

  21. Daniel Dominguez says:

    Thanks for the advise. I have some partners together here in Florida and
    plan to start buying and selling…. I am currently in the pre- license
    course and was wondering if I was doing the right thing…. now I know it’s
    a good move. 

  22. Zeinab AL Is7aq says:

    Great Video very valuable info thanks for sharing, definitely cleared some
    doubts excited that you really don’t have to to get licensed to get
    started yet would a value later on i never knew about the latter 

  23. Jorell Archer says:

    So in one of your other videos you stated that when you are an investor you
    can put the deed under the name of a trust and have beneficiaries. If you
    are an agent and an investor would it make any difference, or sense to put
    each property you invest in under a trust rather than your name ? … I’m
    new to this 

  24. jessica speigner says:

    Hey Phil- Why is it in NC the licensing to be in real estate is considered
    a provisional broker/broker versus in Maryland for example a broker is the
    next step following being licensed as a salesperson? Are you able to act as
    a broker once your licensed in NC and have other “provisional”brokers under

  25. Creaper89 says:

    your videos rock for new guys like me.. thanks for sharing the free
    education my friend 

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