Selling Your Own House – 3 Tips

Selling Your Own House – 3 Tips

A major mistake that most people make today when selling their house is not knowing exactly how much it is worth. The value of your house is determined by what the market will bare. Here are a few tips to consider when selling your own house.

Be Realistic

There have been more foreclosures over the last three years than at any other time in the history of the United States and this financial crisis has caused home valuations to drop as much as 60% or more. Unless you managed to get in at the right time it is unlikely that you will be selling your house at a profit and will likely just be trying to get out without a loss.

Make sure to get your house professionally appraised by someone who is not associated with a bank. Also take a look at the sales of similar houses that have recently sold in your area and come up with a reasonable bottom line figure and don’t settle for less.

Use Smart Copy Writing

Generally speaking the faster a house sells the better price you will get.

If a home sits languishing on the market people will begin to wonder why. Your marketing strategy should be one of urgency, without conveying desperation. Make sure to stay away from words that make you appear desperate to sell as this will lower the value of your home. Keep the tone of the copy positive and upbeat use words that excite the readers imagination like “Picture Yourself, Imagine, see yourself…”

Have a Busy Open House

When you have your open house make sure that it is full. This conveys that there will be competition and will help up the offers a bit. You can do this in a couple of ways. Make sure to invite all of your prospective buyers over on the same day. The second is to have some food and drinks available and invite your friends as well. This will mean people will tend to stay longer and will give a relaxed atmosphere as people will feel more like they are at a party.

You can sell your own house without the need for a real estate agent and all of the hassles of an open house by selling to motivated buyers online.

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