Say it ain’t so! Florida real estate recovery?

A new real estate development has appeared east of Tampa, Florida.

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  • mja2035

    Enjoy your trip Econ, Florida’s looking good right now. 

  • David Snell

    yep that’s Valrico,Fl for sure. I live in Tampa,Fl and have driven pass
    that area myself. 

  • Bob Smith

    As the old saying goes, you can dress for cold, you can’t for heat. Why
    would anyone want to buy a house in Florida?

  • Keith Cindy Panama

    How about going in to get a price quote just to see?

  • jvolstad

    2611 Colewood Lane. $323,204. Where do they get prices like that? Just pull
    a number out of a hat? 

  • never mind

    I’ll give Florida credit for at least having nice roads!

  • abbittibbi1

    I think most of you don’t get the crucial idea:

    War is peace.
    Ignorance is strength.
    Freedom is slavery.
    And recovery is debt…or anything else that fits better.

    And the whole is, of course, dark sarcasm in the classroom, I don’t need no
    education. I don’t need no toughts control.

    Have a bad day, I guess.

  • Debra H

    Cat needs sunscreen.
    Here we go again. I read something about subprime loans making a come back
    the other day.

  • jocknomore

    The Central Park at Lakewood ranch subdivision you drove through in 2011
    will be completed with 800 plus homes this year. I must admit I bought one
    of them. Illinois taxes are just too insane.

  • jvolstad

    The Cat is back on the road! Cool. I’m sure the two Realturd’s at the model
    house would have been able to put a good spin on the market. 


    I love Florida for their golf courses, beaches, etc. but I will never go
    back to live, it’s a very corrupt state…

  • TheChuck624

    I prefer the Treasure Coast area of Florida and I have a realtor who sends
    me a monthly real estate / condo report because I’ve been looking at the
    market for about 4 years now. I have not seen much of a price/value
    increase since all the announcements of the Florida market recovery have
    surfaced. Actually, a condo I have had my eye on for two years now on
    Hutchinson Island is still on the market and the price has not gone either
    way. It looks to me like the market has not got better or worse but is
    stagnant. My opinion.

  • Dan Dicristina

    I might move to Sarasota from Atlanta ga

  • Dyann DeGaetano

    Very well done.

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