Rita Rudner beach house for sale

Rita Rudner gives a characteristically ditzy guided tour of her California beach home which is for sale through HOM-Sotheby’s.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Cathy Elle

    Refrigerator blindness or do I remember correctly?

  • Beautyandbeond101

    Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. Wow,wow,wow

  • trevonpate76

    Wut is the price

  • Leolyn Suzanna

    SO CUTE! Just love Rita Rudner. *Sigh* I can dream, however, this beauty
    should belong to…. someone who can afford it. Good luck selling!

  • carol Oesterritter

    Wow wow wow!!!! Bring me back to reality now. 35 degrees here in Louisville
    Kentucky! So beautiful! Wish that I could move right on in that beautiful

  • Cox Multimedia

    As someone who is new to video marketing this is a great inspiration!

  • James Alcroft

    Funny Rita!…you’ve come a long way from those 1:45 am sets in the NYC
    Improv sandwiched between Mack & Jamie and Gilbert Gottfried! Knew you’d
    make it huge, even then. You were still in “Annie” in those days. Wish we
    could have gotten Gilbert (your realtor) involved in CFS (my social
    enterprise). You could have donated 20% of his commission to the charity or
    school of your choice…heck’ya, your daughter’s school! Sigh….

  • rhymeandreasoning

    I was about to make an offer, til I saw the ‘rustic’ (?) bamboo sticks in
    that pre world war 1 vase thing… deal breaker. Kirk…in Montreal….( &
    yes Montreal is still in Canada….for now).

  • Romarin V

    One tissue? That’s all, not the whole box?

  • Cathy Elle

    I can just imagine how much the open floor plan, and zen atmosphere, will
    appeal to my 2 panthers, pet mink, Asian elephant, zebra, shetland ponies,
    and other Q-9s, K-9s (some of them with severe combat fatigue), L-9s
    (vicious battle rabbits), and the rest of my zoo-of-the-mind. Hopefully,
    it’s move-in condition, furnished, and Rita–do come to dinner often!

  • Bernie Ramos

    wow i have a beach house to

  • Cathy Elle

    Oooh aaah!

  • Wade Huie

    I was especially moved by the kitchen appliance that warms brassieres. Does
    it do panties as well?

  • Chaz R

    Nice, funny & clever (: Charles Ritz – Broker/Sales person

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