Real State Song of Florida, “Old folks at home”

Real State Song of Florida,

I do not own any of the songs or pictures used in this video* This is a video I made using the REAL State Song of Florida, “Way down upon the Suwannee River…

Ukraine War • The real State of the Ukrainian Army in the ATO Ukraine War • The real State of the Ukrainian Army in the ATO Ukraine War •The real State of th…
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  • ashcatash5

    AMEN! Not this stupid Sawgrass crap!!

  • Kwong Yeow Chan


  • ENEN EverNewEcoN

    A Constitution Free Zone

    Submerging From
    Global Warming

    A Land Where Paranoids
    Are Encouraged To
    Open Fire

    A Land Additionally
    Enabling Paranoids,
    Which, In Turn, Enables Privatized
    Law-, Policy-Making, And
    Market Price Control.
    It’s Someone To Blame
    Other Than The Guy Doing
    The Inappropriate Privatizing,
    Including Of Absence Of

    Policy Making In Some
    States Likely Includes
    Shafting A Citizenry So
    As To Reward A Master
    In Another State Altogether.

    If Fact, That’s Undoubtedly
    Usually The Case.
    What Oligarch Lives Next
    To His Factory?

    The You Be Like Me No
    You Be Like Me Culture,
    And Its Companion, For
    Privatizers, Control, Now
    Infects School Policy By
    Way Of Criminalizing Kids
    For Being Kids.

    Caligula Forced His
    Senators To Carry Him.
    Tallahassee’s Legislators
    Must Be Next.

    What’s Really Weird,
    Though, Is Con Law Has
    To Be Some Kind Of
    History Class In Florida’s
    Law Schools.

    But The Kids At FAU
    Proved Being Special.

    They Returned $6 Million
    To Privatizer.
    (Intimations/Connections Reflect Opinion

    The Racists Are Self-Enslaved.

    The Paranoids Are Just Plain
    Paranoid And Locked In Their
    Paranoid Minds.

    Now Find The Safe Haven Trailer.
    Cooperation And Democracy Are
    The Paths To Biologic And Economic

    People Whose Weaknesses Are
    Taken Advantage Of Should Simply
    Have Their Weaknesses Taken
    Care Of And In The Meanwhile
    Try Not Bothering Other People
    With Them.

  • AcdcAeroLeppard

    If you did not know this was florida’s anthem, go back to New York…

  • Dave ItsOneProdigy

    You stupid piece of nothing

  • clairebear999

    @Ninja9220 sorry to hear that =(

  • Daniel Stewart

    god bless florida and god bless america

  • Davea93

    U are funny

  • rebel son

    from jacksonville fla,went to robert e lee high school, jax still has a lot
    of ol southern left, forrest high school,2 confederate museums,and we
    celebrate the kicking of yankee ass at the battle of olustee… originally
    from south carolina,but was growed up mostly in jax fla. bono’s & woodys
    bbq,hardees,at least the damn yankees go further (way further) south to
    retire and don’t bother to stay to long in duval county,guess theres to
    many of us ‘good ol boys’ there fer em. OBAMA SUCKS!!!!

  • Ninja9220

    my grandpa used to sing me this song all the time but change the lyrics to
    “way down upon the Shawnee River” because my name is Shawn. But now my
    grandpa has probably but days left of life. He has taken a turn for the
    worst in his health and he will probably join the angels soon.

  • Styxhexenhammer666

    Awwwww you easily-angered southerners. How sweet. I am glad I rustled your
    jimmies my dixie cousin.

  • american1476

    where the hell is the thrid verse! 3rd Verse One little hut among de
    bushes, One dat I love Still sadly to my memory rushes, No matter where I
    rove. When will I see de bees a-humming All round de comb? When will I hear
    de banjo strumming, Down in my good old home?

  • DissidentDescendant

    Considering that in the video there was no “@person” or no indent, there’s
    no way for me to know that, since I don’t go into the “view all comments”
    page. Looking at the original post though, I don’t see how it correlates to
    it. But since you weren’t posting that toward the video itself, it’s all

  • peter lewis

    What a lovely man,a true gentleman,we love him still him in Wales,

  • Jonathan Urbina

    I want to go back to Florida. My loved ones are there and it’s lonely here
    in California…

  • Cuban Bread

    The man who wrote this song was not even from Florida, in fact he had never
    even been to Florida, I find it highly stupid that this is the state song.
    BTW take “in god we trust” off my states flag.

  • Lubbockrebel

    No, Bill. We would be happy just to get rid of the Yankees.

  • kevinguerrero2011

    @momlovestosing The North wasn’t the aggressor, it was the southern rebels
    actually. They wanted to enslave and discriminate against those who’re
    different in terms of race and ethnicity and destroy this nation for an
    unjust, aggressive view of states rights where they thought it was okay to
    have slavery. Learn history por favor! It’s correct term is the “U.S. Civil
    War” not “war of northern aggression” =)

  • phex

    @Ravie3 But it was made in NC not Florida?

  • Mako561

    You got it right buddy, so then you have a lot of exterminating to do.

  • Jason Moyer

    You ignorant bastard. No, slavery is wrong and always will be. Instead of
    spouting off on this page dedicated to proud Floridians, why don’t you go
    free all the people enslaved in the world today?? Slavery in 2013, although
    outlawed in this glorious country, is worse than people could even imagine
    in 1860. It makes our “civil war” look like childs play. You seem to care
    about what our ancestors did 150 years ago, why don’t you do something
    about it today?

  • american1476

    yes it is by mexicans coming from AL and GA and haitians and latin
    Americans from the south

  • almaw113

    florida has alot of southern left…i miss FLORIDA so bad..i sadly live in
    NC now but i love my home state of FLORIDA…..PUTNAM county all the way!!!!

  • goodoldrebel8

    Obanana can’t erase the old south. 600k died because of yankee aggression
    because of that double talking politician named lincoln. Great men like
    Judah Benjamin, Davis, Lee, Abraham Myers will always be remembered in
    hearts of southerners. All this pandering and reverse discrimination has
    tried to diminish celebrations of Lee’s birthday on 19 Jan but the dumbed
    down feds will never have my obedience. Because of lincoln the USA’s a
    third world country. Obanana is the epitome of mindlessness

  • Bernard Lim

    These soldiers are definitely not well equip and discipline, and even with
    ppl in their 40’s…

  • Jane Simon

    All they deserve to die for killing innocent people children women of
    Donetsk Lugansk… — Look at them now they are like crying dogs 

  • Олег smu

    какой ужас! ребята гибнут ! за что????

  • Новороссия

    валите с земель Новороссии и тогда вас не будут убивать

  • rav ravensdale

    So Nato can’t get involved but Russia can, let be honest it is clear that
    they are supplying arms to these so called separatists, this war is going
    ukraine’s way, Russia may send a few men but would not risk all out war,
    that land is not russian anymore it is ukraine’s land.

  • Никита Имперский

    Где они воевали? Что они умеют? Ни чего они не умеют, как и их бездарное
    начальство. Им стремно что их трахают во все щели простой народ и
    добровольцы, вот и врут что Россия вторглась на их территорию. А те глупцы
    что верят укроСМИ, задумайтесь есть ли выгода для РФ в войне.

  • lutralutra33

    мне просто интересно – как определили, что их обстреливают с “градов” с
    территории РФ? ведь граница РФ и Украины под круглосуточным наблюдением
    спутников НАТО, делегаций ОБСЕ и тд. и если реальный обстрел был бы
    произведен с территории РФ, то скандал и объективные доказательства
    посыпались бы из уст пентагона как из рога изобилия.

    демаркации границ между РФ и Украиной как таковых нет, а ополченцы
    захватили много брошенных “градов” и БК к ним, брошенных ВСУ при
    отступлении (куча видео в ютубе где тракторами тягают подбитые, но
    боеспособные “грады” ополченцы) разве не могут ополченцы бить со стороны
    границ РФ не пересекая их?

    я знаю, что в гражданской войне Украины, участвуют добровольцы и наемники
    из России и других стран и что их финансирует и поддерживает РФ, но
    официально вторжения РФ в Украину так и не было доказано ни одним
    государством-наблюдателем.. вопрос – как бойцы ВСУ определили, что воюют
    против ВС РФ?

  • Dumitru Albu

    I watched their assertions, and at least even one has not support in
    reality. For example, they pretend they fight against Russia. But without
    mentioning against what types of weapons, how they realised they are
    Russians? For, it’s hard to believe on front lines, Russians have boards
    with inscriptions: “we are Russian”. They also say drones spying them and
    deliver informations to separatists. How does they know whose those drones
    belong? And they didn’t say at least one word about hundreds if not
    thousands civilians they killed….
    Civilians of Ukrainian citizenship.

  • Richard Kusiolek

    Press TV takes revolutionary steps as the first Iranian international news
    network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis. Why are you
    showing the Ukraine Government in a favorable light and then showing the
    “freedom fighters” as well. You can never trust Muslims…They believe that
    Orthodox Russian and Ukraine Christians are devils. And show be
    killed—they are like ISIS .so again, why are you posting these low life
    Iranian videos????

  • jan menklote

    Air support n air to ground surveillance is a Must Have’ for these men.Keep
    up the good work guys’,,stand your ground soldiers ^5

  • Никита Имперский

    I wonder if there are people who believe in this statement?

  • Paul Raver

    No rotation, no resupply, no proper command structure that makes it
    impossible to do anything significant.
    Only good officer i’ve seen on the Ukraine side is that base commander who
    walked up a rebel checkpoint unarmed with 300 men.
    Where is he btw? 

  • Christelle Stavros

    This is a defeated army !

  • olpiter oli

    Ruskie kacapy paszli wy na hu…………

  • valdis gavars

    putin i porosenko pidarasi rossija ostanetsa odna protiv vsego mira so
    svojej novo rosijej

  • Balabek Mukhtarov


  • TruthAlien

    Zio Jewish Kievi scum sending these boys to die for Israeli-US
    interest..The new handpicked Kiev ”government” are cionist
    your eyes..Doniets is already in US or zionist property..the Ukraine army
    is sent there to secure that ground to the new owners..the zionist jews in
    the US and Israel..

  • Maksim rb

    sovesti y vas nehvataet, vot shto.

  • Dmitry Bogdanov

    гандоны ебаные пешки

  • Андрей Головопроломофф

    1. Если бы их 1,5 месяца “крыли градами”, они бы не давали сейчас интервью.
    2. Подозрительно чистая и свеже покрашенная техника у солдат вырвавшихся из
    окружения. Даже колеса и гусеницы чистенькие.
    3. Как и форма, собственно говоря. С иголочки…

    Не верю! А любовно подготовленные субтитры и название ролика на английском
    только усиливает впечатление подделки.

    Здоровья и мира всем.

  • Rafael Padula

    For subtitles go to captions and click english

  • Strannik191

    Твари хуйкраинские

  • lai kankan

    go to hell Kiev devil

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