Real Estate Principles #1 – Kevin Ward Real Estate Academy

Go to for the best training videos for new real estate agents or if you are in the process of getting your real estate license. Kevin Ward, international…
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The Real State of the Union - 2013

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  • Kevin Ward

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I would love your comments on what
    is the most important thing your need help on once you get your license?

  • Anthony Baker

    Is this based on just California or national? 

  • aallaann22

    stay on topic so you don’t rush through material. also coming back after a
    break with a drink is very unprofessional and distracting. however this was
    very informative, thanks

  • Talk.Radio.Listener

    Kevin, I love your videos. Helped me ALOT!

  • Lisa Rubio

    Teacher is great and informative…except during the second half he’s
    rattling a drink, swigging upon it and then CHEWING ICE!!! I pray that
    doesn’t happen on the next video. I don’t mind the drinking it’s the
    rattling and chewing that hurts my ears!!!

  • AyuyuServices GeneralServices

    You are my mentor!

  • Yulia Popova

    The best lectures on Real Estate principles I have listened to. Thank you
    so much Kevin! Also appreciated thoughts on metaphysics: the power of a
    thought, word, subconcious mind, etc

  • mohamed mahmoud

    great; i love it,,,

  • Rose T

    In in Riverside County, are you still teaching live classes like this
    that’s close to Temecula? 

  • SUA98

    Great teacher

  • jcheath33

    Great free information Kevin! I appreciate you putting this up. I have been
    watching a lot of your videos and have already learned quite a bit.

  • Toyversity Cc

    thank you Great info…. I enjoyed your lecture

  • freddynunley

    I loved hearing that you’re from Texas because I am currently trying to
    obtain my Texas real estate license. I’ve lived here for 16+ years, I’m 22
    now. I’m watching this California based video in hopes to gain a general
    knowledge of real estate to assist me in beginning the required courses to
    obtain my license. Arlington is my location, you’ve mentioned DFW so I
    guess my question is what institute/university would you recommend I look
    into to pursue my education and career?

  • NationwideUSA

    Ayala, yes you are correct as of April 2013 the DRE is now the BRE (Bureau
    of Real Estate)

  • Ayala Foodservice

    watching your vids.. take test soon.. this is really helping
    refresh….Isn’t it BRE now instead of DRE?

  • Amy Quimby

    Ha, Mr. WeedMan…I beg to differ! This is the only instructor I have found
    that actually teaches. I love the enthusiasm and knowledge he brings to a
    subject that tends to be rather boring at times.

  • Bobby Weedman

    Mr. bald head with expensive glasses, just because this is all you can do
    in life does not mean you are allowed to make the topic boring for the

  • Real Estate Searched


  • Alex Broches

    Great videos! I wish my teacher was as knowledgeable and energetic like
    this guy. What state are you in? Im IL

  • avram kantorovich

    The Real State of the Union

  • Ken Smith

    It is good to look back on what the various pundits said. It shows that
    they are not quite as good as an ouiga board. This is a reason to use them
    as negative inputs on your investing choices.

  • Conal McCleery

    What is he talking about? if you like we could work for 4 cents a day like
    China! what a goose 

  • Deborah Barnwell

    Obama signed the Sequester into Law and then bragged about it. If he did
    not want the Sequester, why didn’t he Veto the bill? A strong economy and
    manufacturing products created the middle class. NOT Government!

  • Taylor Portwood

    I don’t get what use a business going out of business actually does for the
    consumer. Are you really implying that the problem right now is that there
    are not enough resources for entrepreneurs to work with? I simply don’t
    understand. Businesses hire and expand operations when marginal revenue
    exceeds marginal cost. But revenue is largely depressed because consumers
    are not spending money, not because their products are inferior, or
    something. This is basic economics here, son.

  • strattuner


  • Loki

    There is no “credit” economy. Credit is simply an exchange of present money
    for future money. I loan you money I have today for money you will repay me
    in a year. Likewise, when the government goes into the credit market(via
    bonds in the US), it crowds out bonds from other factions. When somebody
    buys a government bond, that’s a corporate bond not being purchased or
    money deposited in a credit union. Then the government has to tax in the
    future to pay it back+interest.

  • Tigerfire75

    Well there was also England and the United States who didn’t have minimum
    wages yet they became prosperous. We didn’t have a minimum wage in the U.S.
    until 1938 yet we were a rich country before that. I think that the U.K.
    didn’t have a national minimum wage until 1999 So minimum wage doesn’t help
    to make countries wealthy.

  • Johann Bach

    He strikes the nail on the head. A sound economy protects its manufacturing
    and tax base. Look at Germany, Japan. The concept of the post-industrial
    “information economy” was the biggest lie since “free trade”.

  • Ken Smith

    Schiff didn’t want more time. His method is a combination of gross
    oversimplification and wrong conclusion. He makes his living selling people
    gold and silver. Right now we see lots of ads on radio and TV trying to
    sell gold and silver to the small investor. This means that those who hold
    the metals are trying to unload so they must believe that the run up in
    prices is over. Schiff is all too happy to try to stampede people into bad

  • Derek Thomas Lirio

    Apparently, Peter Schiff is too smart to be president. Judging from the
    past 2 presidents we’ve had, if you’re smarter than a 5th grader, you don’t
    qualify for the nomination.

  • sonofsin110

    I’m not claiming he is a monetarist as if I gave a shit that he was
    monetarist. It is just a fact. Monetarism is an economic theory that
    accepts the premise of Keynesian theory, but argues that markets should be
    manipulated through monetary policy rather than fiscal policy. In
    application and rhetoric it is very similar to Austrian theory. Friedman
    promoted monetarism and won a Nobel prize for it. That is a fact not an

  • Colonel Panda

    Germany has strong unions, which is why they can get away with not having a
    minimum wage except for lower tier workers. America didn’t have a minimum
    wage until 1938, what was the effect of the minimum wage being introduced?
    The late 40s to mid 70s was America’s strongest era. I’m not suggesting the
    minimum wage was the sole cause of America’s prosperity, but it’s pretty
    obvious based upon a wide look at the world at large that the minimum wage
    doesn’t kill an economy.

  • HKashaf

    | Such garbage followed by a lot of IFs, that doesnt sound like a
    predection to me? Peter Schiff has been ranting about this shit for the
    last decade. Secondly when was this video taken was 2008? because by then
    everyone it was coming! Lastly Peter Schiff is an actual Fund Manager. He
    is exposed to the same risk he is warning you about.

  • sambking

    I suggest looking into the relationship between one’s Live Birth Record and
    their Birth Certificate. Start with: s u p r e m e l a w . o r g. I am all
    for the free market but if you want to know who you really are start
    learning the difference between “law” and “legal.” Good luck to all.

  • radjanvar

    You have a very naive mind that can rationalize anything and everything no
    matter how nonesensical. So now your next step is to read “The Communist
    Manifesto”. I am sure you will find that persuasive as well. You would not
    mind the fact that QE 1 didn’t work, QE 2 didn’t work, QE 3 didn’t work,
    and QE 4 won’t work. Also you would not mind the fact that Bernanke, lead
    contemporary Keynsian, has been wrong at every turn (didn’t even see the
    crisis of 2008 coming.Austrian Economists saw it coming.

  • Christopher Almquist

    A government mandated price freeze would only make the problem worse.

  • humanityfirstnow

    Draconian cuts is the way forward. Sorry Peter you must be mad. Have you
    seen Greece and the effect of draconian cuts? Starving people, people
    unable to buy medicines. They are not the guilty ones its the financial
    sector who caused this and they should be cut. Why are bankers receiving
    bonuses while the people suffer?

  • Loki

    It’s no strawman. There really is no third way. The market relies on the
    intersection of buyers and sellers at all levels, from first order
    production, down to the consumer level. Any intervention in that matrix is
    introducing a central planning, non rational influence in the economy. The
    hallmark of socialist economics is the lack of rational price structure.
    Mixed economies are entrophic towards socialism away from market order. the
    label is there to make it palatable to anti-socialists.

  • Tigerfire75

    I can give you a whole list of countries that didn’t have minimum wage
    until recently. Also why in America is it that the states with right to
    work have higher employment and better pay then the states with union rule?

  • Red0660

    Our trade agreements have destroyed the nation.

  • C Jeff Oakes

    Indeed, I have been looking at that as well as the fracking that is
    beginning to occur, which combined will make the US the top energy producer
    in the world by the end of this year. On the flip side, the crude we are
    fracking is coming from our strategic reserves, so that makes me wonder
    what’s up? That is supposed to be our supply of last resort.

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