Real Estate Photography Tips Lightroom Post Processing With Enfuse HDR Blending

Real Estate Photography Tips | | Lightroom Post Processing/Blending with LR/Enfuse, similar to HDR In this video …
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  • David Croft

    Terrific tutorial. Very professional. You’ve got a new fan. Thank you.

  • UEPVideos

    Thanks for watching Cheryl T! (Sorry I can’t reply to your specific comment
    for some reason, there’s no Reply link there!)

  • Jerry Colbert

    Awesome Video

  • Games Ltd.

    The trumpet music made me cringe and almost shove pencils in my ears.

  • Paul Murray

    You have filled me with the confidence to go out there and win over
    clients, very generous of you to share your skills. Thanks from the UK

  • Terry Iverson

    I’m very glad I found your video, which was very helpful in achieving the
    correct WB. Typically shooting nearly 1000 homes a year, that is one area
    that always has taken quite a bit of time to get right. I had not tried
    correcting WB prior to running through Enfuse and was amazed at the much
    better results doing it that way. The extra step adds to my processing
    time, but well worth it. It was great watching another professional use
    the tools and yes, even though a long video, there were other tips I picked
    up along the way.

    Too many people want a short cut to success without taking the time to
    really understand what they are doing. Perhaps that led to some of the
    less than positive comments about the length. Good job and thank you

  • Stan Balcer

    Great information thank you for sharing.

  • David Rodríguez Palomar

    Excellent post-processing video! I have a question, do you use the flash
    when taking bracketed exposures? Is it preferable to use just one way or
    another,or maybe combine them?

  • Donald Stark

    Very good detailed information about Lightroom and how to edit photos.

  • Rebecca Gumm

    Wondering if its necessary to white balance all the photos before enfacing
    as apposed to waiting until after. Is there a benefit?

  • Russ F

    Wow. Simple way to use this software. Thanks!

  • Ricardo Saldivar

    great video, thank you!

  • Bill Morgan Media

    Thank you Lance, this was very helpful. I appreciate you sharing your tips
    and workflow for real estate work. I just downloaded LREnfuse and made a
    donation thanks to your demonstration.

  • GifCo

    Come on 5-7 bracketed photos!! Are you kidding me if you are shooting RAW
    you only ever need 3 and usually two is enough even on extremely bright
    days with lots of windows in a room. I assume you are not confident enough
    to just get the exposure right in camera instead of taking 7!!!! exposures!

  • sarah mueller

    I really appreciate this detailed tutorial. thanks a lot!

  • Adrian Cline-Bailey

    Thanks for the effort in putting this vid together!

  • Kerry Carloy

    The comments regarding “boring” probably come from the generation noted for
    its entitlements, one of which is to be entertained. I don’t use Enfuse
    myself, but rather Photomatix Pro just because that’s what I had already
    installed. Two ideas I have learned about Lightroom are, for one, a
    refresher on using auto-sync. I had forgotten that toggle exists. Secondly,
    the technique for dealing with different temperatures in two different
    rooms using the brush to adjust locally. While I don’t mind incandescent
    lights looking warm, sometimes it gets to be extreme, so it’s good to know
    how to cool that other room down some. Well done!

  • Shawn Ferrell

    Great video It was very helpful. As others mentioned I would have cut out
    some of the edit proces but I did learn some from that as well. Question
    what is your computer setup I like the speed that it is running at. Ram,
    processor and are you running a flash hard drive? Thanks. 

  • Jan Petters

    Great job! Thanks for spending the time to share with us.

  • Stephanie Bartik

    It’s like having a professional teacher standing there with you.
    I like the format. Yes, it is lengthy, but very informative. And the
    beauty of ONLINE instruction, is the ‘teacher’ doesn’t know if you paused
    the video, to grab a cup of coffee, or go out for a walk. Psst, I am
    still here! 🙂 Good Job, thank you for your time and experience

  • Lars Erik Nes

    Excellent video. Picked up a few tips :-)

  • Timothy Avidphoto Jones

    Love the video. I’m considering adding just a little fill light. Do you
    think that’ll work with your technique.

  • Jack Gibson

    I have to say, I learned a lot watching this video. I’m using a combination
    of flash and Enfuse for my interiors photography and this was, by far, the
    most helpful tutorial I’ve seen. Very, very well done. Thank you.

    I did have one question though. Why do you bracket for 7 shots and then
    take away 2? Wouldn’t it be easier to just bracket for 5?

  • Eduardo Aguirre

    +UEPVideos , You nailed it!! Thank you very much for your time and
    dedication. This tutorial is really, really good.

  • Tom Hall

    I do not know if I am missing a step? I keep getting an error message
    AgImportSession.addOnePhotoToLibrary: failed to import photo to library

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