Real Estate News – Penney, Panasonic Corp, Bulgari

Goldman Sachs lines up .75 billion J C Penney loan: source Goldman Sachs has arranged a .75 billion financing package for J.C. Penney Co Inc , backed by …
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  • michaelpoczynek

    Yes it is! Nothing like it.

  • michaelpoczynek

    Thank you for your comments. The new one is identified with my name, and
    number. The old one did have video of me on the camera, but I guess unless
    you were a computer person, you would not know how to download it. Lesson
    learned. The search isn’t over yet, and will continue in the fall and
    spring. Have a great day!

  • tinder

    I hope someone finds it… maybe you should put your name and phone number
    on that rig in case the gps fails as a back-up

  • tinder


  • michaelpoczynek

    A Jet? Sounds amazing. Things are just going to get better from here on in.
    I just ordered a TV transmitter and googles to see the view from the sky. I
    am really looking forward to that. Have a great day!

  • Will Wegenast

    We offer a similar service. We work very hard to make our videos smooth and
    vibration free. If one is going to be using this for commercial purposes
    make sure you have an SFOC from Transport Canada. Plus training and
    experience is a good idea. DJI stuff is known to suffer from fly-aways and
    when it does you better be able to fly in Manual Mode.

  • TheBeatSmith

    Great to hear AV is working for you too…..Have you tried the RVJet….It
    is great for AV over large areas….and you can use your GoPro in it….I
    have stabilization and go home module install as well….But we’ll have to
    love while we can…If the FAA has it’s way, FPV and AV will be banned
    shortly… keep your trusty Glidecam handy….

  • michaelpoczynek

    Thank you for your comments. Yes the Quad-copter has been a lot of fun, and
    at the same time a lot of challenges. I too have just added the DJI Gimbal.
    It seems to work very well. I also just ordered the FPV transmitter and
    goggles and I really look forward to seeing the views from the sky as they
    happen. It’s a great deal of fun, practical, and I think we are going to
    see more of them. Everyone from Agents to Reporters have contacted me with
    interest. Cheers! Thanks for watching.

  • TheBeatSmith

    Greetings Mr. Poczynek, I am a loan officer here in GA….and I provide a
    similar service to my realtor partners as well as to FSBO’s….They all
    just love it. I use a different platform and bigger camera but the idea and
    concept is the same, especially for land view. I have been using a DJI
    gimbal to stabilize by videos and FPV to see first hand what I am
    shooting…It makes a world of difference in the videos. So use this while
    you can…we are really upsetting real pilots….LOL

  • Michael Poczynek

    My radio controlled quadcopter makes it to CBC TV. 

  • michaelpoczynek

    Thank you. I really appreciate it. Good in theory anyway. As technology
    gets better, so will the quadcopters.

  • Priapo Correia

    I do not know him personally, but I must report here: you are a dedicated
    professional and deserves my gratitude.

  • michaelpoczynek

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Really appreciate your comments and you
    watching. All the best!

  • remmington50

    Excellent presentation Mr. Poczynek. I love the concept, Well put together!
    Keep up the good work.

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