Real Estate Investing: Generate Cash Without Closing A Real Estate Deal

Click Here: Dominate Real Estate Investing and generate cash without closing a Real Estate Deal using this quick strategy that delivers fresh leads on a daily basis! Affiliate marketing allows the motivated seller leads you find to be monetized in ways other than closing real estate deals. Even if you close 20% of the motivated sellers leads you find, what happens to the other 80%? If you are not using affiliate marketing in your real estate investing business, you are leaving money on the table. Companies pay for access to leads so you have the ability to make money from every motivated seller lead you find. The key is to find the offer that these affiliate companies want to promote and match these offers to the motivated seller leads you find. This video outlines how to find motivated sellers and then how to match these sellers to affiliate marketing offers! Each lead has the potential to generate you money on a daily basis. This is a real estate investing tip that can provide the money you need to leverage your marketing efforts! Imagine generating cash on a daily basis from leads you never use. How would this help your bottom line? Start implementing this strategy immediately and discover the power of having a profitable affiliate marketing campaign at your disposal while your competition scrambles to find deals month after month. This allows you to have another stream of income and keeps the heart of your real estate investing business

Portabello Estate – has recently been sold for over million dollars by John McMonigle, President of The McMonigle Group. This estate opened new doors of luxury and unheard-of amenities to create a grand-scale living and gala entertaining environment. Gracing three oceanfront lots in Cameo Shores, this contemporary masterwork design by Brion Jeannette is both defined by its stunning seaside site – and redefines the luxury lifestyle ideal. A study in sensuous curves, the home unfolds as a nautilus shell, with a sun-washed grotto at its center, surrounded by beautiful “chambers” including eight opulent bedroom suites and living areas that open to the sea. Portabello truly is a beautiful door to a new level of luxury on the incomparable Corona del Mar oceanfront. To learn more about this property visit Video is courtesy of SM Sold.
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  • thesmartwholesaler

    Yes, many of my students don’t own a business.

  • Zachary Rego

    will any CPA networks accept you if you don’t own your own business?

  • thesmartwholesaler

    @sanclau2011 No, you do not need a real estate license.

  • Claudia Castrillon

    Do we need Real Estate License to do it?

  • thesmartwholesaler

    Absolutely! They are located in my ebook.

  • ksmusselman

    Do you have any sample emails or templates for contacting the FSBO sellers on the list? Thanks!

  • thesmartwholesaler

    Absolutely. If the same person fills out more than 1 of your real estate offers, you’ll be credited each time!

  • Lokey Webb

    Can you sell a lead to more than one website?

  • thesmartwholesaler

    My students spend a couple hours a day usually sending emails. However, they read through the ads to make sure they are only emailing real motivated sellers and not people looking for retail. I would say initially set a goal to send at least 50 emails a day. Hope this helps!

  • dds1970

    Cool technique. How many emails would you suggest someone send to the motivated sellers in order to get that kind of return?

  • thesmartwholesaler

    The great part about this method is that you have new people adding properties everyday in multiple cities so your offer can be presented to all them. You don’t have to worry about saturation because new people are constantly being added! This is wide open because you can market your offer in any US city where you may only operate your wholesale business in a couple cities at a time! And it’s Free 🙂

  • thesmartwholesaler

    Absolutely! I also love going over new strategies with my students that help them get money to expand their advertising. I believe real estate wholesalers shouldn’t be one dimensional!

  • lorenzopalmas33

    This is great information–is it covered in more depth in your ebook?

  • jwatkins212

    Once I select a good affiliate offer, how many customers might I typically be able to present that to?

  • valdeztrinny

    This is so creative and unique. I can completely see how this would not be hard to make money with at all.

  • thesmartwholesaler

    Absoultely! I am working on a 10 part video series now outlining some really beneficial strategies I use everyday. Be sure to subscribe so you see them first!

  • jeramytollar

    Are you going to be making additional videos on this subject–this is all very helpful.

  • thesmartwholesaler

    Great question! You want to look at the pay rate and what restrictions they have on traffic. My students and I usually pick offers that pay between $6 -$8 a lead, so just 10 leads a day net an easy $60 – $80/ a day. Then you kick it up when you find an offer that’s getting a great response and expand it to what your target daily income goal is! Take massive news is you can’t lose money..100% Free Method!

  • thesmartwholesaler

    Absolutely not! CPA networks have tons of offers related to real estate. Checking out Offervault as covered in the video will give you a snapshot of all available offers that you can quickly promote.

  • benjicummings

    I have a question about affiliate offers too–How do you know which ones are the best?

  • suzmartin09

    Is it hard to find good affiliate offers?

  • thesmartwholesaler

    Thanks James, I found that many investors are able to find tons of motivated sellers and motivated buyers but if the deal doesn’t close, they walk away empty handed. We figured think outside the box, and make money whether the deal closes or not! The best part is you can’t lose money b/c it cost you nothing to implement. Gotta be a Smart Wholesaler 🙂 Enjoy!

  • thesmartwholesaler

    Thanks..just be sure to report back your success!

  • thesmartwholesaler

    Thanks James! My students seem to love this strategy and I just wanted to share to give newbies and vets in real estate a good way to start the year!

  • Borat911

    the problem with the house is the fact it’s designed and built for the personal likes of the original owners … and that basement area that is supposed to resemble a street from West Virginia were the owner grew up …. it’s hard to sell that to another individual …. they will probably change alot of the interrior

  • Jordan Colburn

    Just ask a billionare!

  • JonJayEmMusic

    This looks so good even in 240p.

  • tobigforyou

    Entrepreneurs, captains of industry.

  • Vadim Kirsanov

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  • Vadim Kirsanov

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  • Vadim Kirsanov

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  • JAI James

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  • ZENmusicProducer

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  • FakeAndTrue

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  • Opalaisha

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  • VideoSEOWIzzard

    breathtaking photography..can’t knock the property, what we should all be aiming fro?

  • kukri52231


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