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Video Rating: 4 / 5 Goal Setting for Real Estate Investors. Discover what to do, and what not to do, when setting real estate investing…


  • Phil Pustejovsky

    This course now costs $97 BUT you can still get it for free through this
    If that doesn’t work, input the coupon code “freedommentor”

  • Aung Lin

    Phil, i have around 100K in my bank account and i am very interest in real
    estate business. However, i have a few questions..
    I want to buy a house that is under market value, which should be around
    60k and use 30k for rehab. So, which one would be better? use my own money
    or take a loan from the bank to purchase a house? From my perspective,
    using my own money would be a good idea, since i dont have to worry about
    interest rate but its still be risky right? I wish you could give me some

  • Amber F

    Could you please explain the difference/differences between a real estate
    agent and a real estate investor? Thanks! (:

  • Invisible .Cat

    Phil what do you define as “investing”?

  • Ben Ross

    I have been investing in real estate(rental properties) for years now. I do
    enjoy teaching about it as well. I have watched many youtube videos about
    this subject and discovered most of these people lack experience or are
    just ignorant to real world real estate investing. When I started, I
    financed all of my homes and held a second. After all expenses, I was lucky
    to break even. I was able to do a number of deals and eventually got a free
    and clear home. Since then I discovered I must have a 1st and then the
    business was profitable. Today, all of my homes and properties are debt
    free. People tell me all the time how they want to do what I do and then
    they ask me how to do it. I tell them save, stay out of debt, educate
    yourself and buy. Do that over and over again

  • Ben Ross

    Real estate investing is something everyone thinks they want to do but a
    lot of people discover that it is not what they thought it was. As far as
    buying investment property, I never hear anyone say ” save your money and
    when you get enough saved, buy. Educate yourself in the mean time and
    realize it takes many years of sacrifice and hard work and then you may be
    successful and you may not”

  • Ryan McFadden

    Hi Phil just a quick question I found a property at a great prices here in
    las vegas I’m looking to buy it but don’t have the the total cost in the
    bank. What would be your opinion on what kind of loan to get so I don’t
    find myself in the hole if that makes since. Trying to make money not lose
    it! Thanks for your time greatly appreciated! 

  • German Pao

    Hi Phil,
    I need your expertise advise. My credit sucks, I have about $250k in cash,
    I own a small business that generates about $120k a year, and I am a full
    time civil engineer. However, I now want more. My only limitation is
    obtaining a loan and also I am not sure what direction to go in as a real
    estate investor. Therefore, what is your advise. Buying and flipping?
    Buying and resale which is the first time I hear of and think is a good
    idea? I want short term investing for the meantime. I am trying to leave
    my civil engineering job so I could spend more time with my kidz. I am
    32yrs old

  • Rachel Peppler

    Hello Phil! I am Canadian and live on the West Coast. I just signed up for
    your course, Thank you for your passion. I have a scenario that I would
    like your thoughts on. I know what I would do, but I would like to hear
    what you would do to find out if I’m really getting this. I have a lot of
    creative ideas and not a lot of money, but I have two little boys that I
    would like to give education choices to as well as teach them to be wise
    and creative with whatever God places in their path.

    Here’s the scenario: Single family 3 bd home for sale by owner. Home has no
    mortgage, the daughter is selling her father’s home because he past away
    after living there for over 40 years. House has good bones, new windows.
    Asking 279,900 The home is close to schools, hospitals, shopping and in a
    well established family neighborhood.
    Interested party owns a Condo ( worth 178,000 across the street) 2 bd upper
    floor in an adult building. The condo is rented but the owner will be
    selling it to either the renter or someone else in 4 years. (2018) after
    owning it for 10 years.
    The owners of the condo, are renting the home they live in. are not
    interested in living in the home that is up for sale. They would like to
    ask a question to the seller of the home. Money up front after a haggled
    asking price?. OR give full asking price but “rent-to-own” per month for 4
    years until Condo can be sold and then sellers receive the remainder of the
    full original price.
    Interested party then (2018) would take out a much lower Mortgage, rent the
    home out for the next 4 – 7 years and sell. in the end. making exactly
    whatever the price of the home wood be.
    What would you do?
    Thanks Phil! :)

  • Danny Woodgate

    I signed up, clicked on the intro and the vid wont play, just says loading
    in the top hand corner of the vid

  • Scott Whittaker

    Im in Montana. Is there a great opportunity in flipping houses up here
    that you’d kniw about?

  • Joanne Britton

    How does this all apply to Canadians?

  • Elizabeth Rogers

    Hi Phil
    I am starting out in this whole real estate journey and I am scared out of
    my mind but want to stick with it. I found a house that I want to contact
    the owner of the house but he lives out of state, the house is vacant and
    in need of a lot of repair. how do I go about writing a letter and starting
    to see if there a deal to be made here or not?

  • gerard browne

    yes am new lol…

  • sapty

    hi phil, where do we find the clip with your “ugly post card”?

  • Brian Evans

    I am very thankful to have found you here online. I have paid a lot of
    money to some so called Guru’s to learn how to do this, in fact i even
    joined a REI Club for $59.00 a month and have been there for five months
    and have not been able to even get close to the amount of USEFUL
    information that Phil has given away for FREE. Thank you so much for this
    opportunity Phil.

  • Scott Whittaker

    If not flipping then what do you recommend up here?

  • Luckybassiful

    Great video I just singed up for the course! Real estate has always
    fascinated me as child watching my dad buy and rent out homes. Im a early
    high school graduate jus turned 18, about to go to college. What’s the best
    major to obtain relating to real estate investment? 

  • Draceb

    Well im in signed up and checking out your vids for free. It is really nice
    to see someone who is successful share with others without the typical
    capitalist catch 22, your wealthy and you want to give back thats
    something you dont see in America, everyone usually just wants to exploit
    everyone else. I was skeptical at first but the signup was super easy name
    email pw and i was watching vids. I will absorb as much as i can, and so
    far you have personally answered my questions online on youtube so your
    earning good karma helping others atleast if not become successfull find a
    way to live in a house in a country thats seriously struggling, Thanks
    Phil. I will remembers this.

  • Anpelmanau - Hapsai George

    Thanks a lot wow….
    God bless you……
    I’M your great Van…

  • matthew Steger

    Hey phil I think your videos are great just by watching tgem my vision of
    real estate investing is is transforming to reality i currently have a
    contract on a nsp home just waiting to get approved my question to you was
    do you think this is a good idea to open the door for me into real estate
    im in orlando btw not to far from you 

  • Anpelmanau - Hapsai George

    so you mean, if i renovate a residential property and invest in that
    particular property for 3 years and sold it out? is that what you mean by
    the faster the better ?
    Because some people says it will take 7-9 year before you resale it to get
    good profit .

  • gator mcclusky

    hey Phil, I was wondering how do you know how much the place is worth?,so
    you know how much can be made off the deal.. Thank you

  • RealEstateScam Watchdoggroup

    Heads up all Real estate investors!!. BEWARE OF JASON SCHUBERT and his
    hotel scams! NO ONE that’s invested with him has made any money and many
    are facing bankruptcy! He’s disabled comments on his videos because the
    truth is starting to come out and the truth is what he fears the most!
    Don’t believe us? Contact the people that have invested with him and
    they’ll tell you the truth. Contact the people that have been stuck with
    one of the dumps he thinks are deals and hear the HORROR stories of
    financial ruin Jason Schubert brought to them. He presents himself as some
    kind of “hotel expert” yet he’s NEVER EVER RUN A HOTEL! He’s nothing more
    than a junior Bernie Madoff and nothing coming out of his mouth is true! If
    you invest with him YOU WILL LOSE MONEY! FACT!!!

    It’s very, very important that you vet your mentors and advisors carefully.
    There are just too many scammers and fakes in this business. Our mission is
    to expose these rip-offs and Jason Schubert is Real Estate Watchdog Group’s

    Please feel free to copy this post and email it to ALL your investing
    friends. Help spread the word and let’s put this scammer out of business.
    Help get investors money back and put him in JAIL where he belongs!

    Real Estate Watchdog Group.

  • Brian McAdams

    Hey Phil, Phenomenal video, your videos are really inspiring and have
    given me hope in a lot of ways

  • Trevor Matthews


  • Boxer29

    Phil, the goal thing sounds so proactively positive. I have been through
    that with other companies so far as to have my goals framed for my desk.
    As I listened to you get into the psychology of expectations and Monday
    moring goal reviews I was prompted to write. I have always been a list guy
    the night before in preparation for the next day. It amounts to a “To Do”
    list which I creatively named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, et cet. I leave
    it on the counter by my keys. There is no need to recollect the day’s
    events. I have been known to number certain of them in a logical sequence.
    I’m not in the least bothered if all are not accomplished. However, I do
    understand the obligatory necessity to set a goal. It’s tantamount to
    those few deep breaths of air you take before bench pressing. Side note:
    I spent all day this rainy Friday watching your videos. Thank you. I’ll
    be in touch.

  • Leon Sivils

    Exactly Right. Thank you for sharing.

  • steven hessenius

    Phil, any advice for doing owner financing deals in areas that are more
    ghetto? at 24 years of age I rent out my first house and I am fixing up my
    second house. I look into deals where owner financing is a possibility but
    once I talk to sellers about renting out their house to another party, they
    become very apprehensive. I can’t blame them though. Any ideas?

  • Phil Pustejovsky

    Discover what to do, and what not to do, when setting goals for your real
    estate investing business.

  • AnnaLoveYTnotTV


  • Phil Pustejovsky

    Amen to that! You’d be surprised how similar the US and Canada are on these
    topics. I have Apprentice students in Canada and it is very similar

  • ine use

    Lol! I cant stop laughing thats so funny

  • Phil Pustejovsky

    I’m glad the Victor Frankel comparison didn’t dis-courage 🙂

  • peder pederkovic

    Good vid.

  • oneloveonegod

    Great video! Very encouraging.

  • Della Ramirez

    Phil you are the man! I love how passionate you are about your craft. Bless
    you; thank you, for providing quality knowledge tools to the masses.

  • Maverick Fps

    Love the video

  • James Pakiser

    Thanks for posting all these videos. They are very informative. I just
    watched 2-4 hours of your videos. I plan to flip properties and have
    planned to for around 2 years now. An older gentleman I met at Motel 6,
    Jack, told me allot of about flipping houses. I decided that I’m not going
    to allow him to teach me any longer because he didn’t care about the people
    on the other end. He would never be very successful like that or happy and
    I don’t want to learn his bad habits. – James

  • Phil Pustejovsky

    Thanks for watching

  • VelocityEncore

    this is legen wait for it dary!

  • Kinq Cuba

    In the name of Jesus

  • Amie Adams

    May I have the link to the Canadian apprentice program?

  • UFailTV1

    Great job on the video!

  • MrLee7819

    nice great

  • NerdVideosGames

    Your going to get far on youtube.

  • Brian Crow

    I’m a Christian, and I’m just starting out in studying real estate
    investing. I’m glad you stepped out and said what you did on prayer, and
    God’s will. I’ll definitely be viewing more of your videos. Thanks and God

  • Phil Pustejovsky

    Terrific! Eventually, one has to move from education to doing to see the
    results that real estate can create. Glad to hear that you’re ready to take

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