Real Estate Full Set – Pitchfork Music Festival 2014

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The entire Real Estate set from Pitchfork Music Festival 2014 —— SUBSCRIBE to —— Follow on Twitter: h…

Bill Syrios, founder of Stewardship Properties in Eugene, Oregon, speaks to the Northwest Real Estate Investors Association about his journey in real estate …


32 Responses to “Real Estate Full Set – Pitchfork Music Festival 2014”
  1. aaazore says:

    Looking for something in particular?

    0:51 “Paper Dolls” (The Nerves cover)
    3:43 “Past Lives” (Atlas)
    8:47 “Had To Hear” (Atlas)
    14:19 “Crime” (Atlas)
    18:08 “Kinder Blumen” (Days)
    22:33 “It’s Real” (Days)
    25:50 “The Bend” (Atlas)
    31:42 “Horizon” (Atlas)
    35:35 “Easy” (Days)
    40:03 “Out Of Tune” (Days)
    46:07 “Fake Blues” (s/t)
    50:44 “Talking Backwards” (Atlas)

  2. Alexander Gonzalez says:

    Sun Kil Moon and Slowdive’s full sets please?

  3. José Ignacio says:


  4. Bryan Schwaba says:

    When are you gonna put up something from the death grips set?

  5. aaazore says:

    Such a nice take on “Kinder Blumen” …

  6. David Winchester says:

    Is there an MP3 version of this yet?

  7. jack h says:

    Great vibes.

  8. winstor adams says:

    They really slowed down their songs live. And matt was playing the intro to
    out of tune, literally out of tune!
    (Kidding. In tune, but he seemed pretty sharp from what he had to play!)

  9. Samodrei says:

    whoa alex bleeker on the weight loss tip

  10. matthew christopher says:

    I love this band so much. Such positivity and just overall good vibes. I am
    a med student and even the worst of days I sit back and pop open a craft
    beer and listen to real estate. Thanks so much!

  11. Radiohead4121 says:

    Is that Bleeker????? I almost couldn’t tell it was him the first few

  12. Josh K says:

    I was so disappointed with Atlas, but this is great.

  13. Alan Fratelli says:
  14. Bobby Jules says:

    These guys really like phase

  15. DickSocrates says:

    Yes! They played Out Of Tune!!! 40:00

  16. radio selection 3 in a box says:


  17. Gabriel Bravo Gonzalez says:

    cant wait to see you guys in Fauna 

  18. Ricardo Lagoa says:
  19. winstor adams says:

    Kinder Blumen was freaking awesome! Matt’s melody maker sounds better than
    the jazzmaster for this song live!

  20. doumi foufou says:

    real estate number one

  21. Jörgen Ekvall says:

    If I buy a house for a 10 o 15% down payment it becomes mine.
    But what about the rest of the house value I havent paid for? How can a
    house just become mine if I dont pay the whole value?

    Can someone explain this to me?

  22. DeAndre DeAngelo says:

    Very informative. Thanks for your time and God bless.

  23. Ben Ross says:

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    said “one property at a time” The difference that I teach is to save and
    buy an affordable income property(reduced liability) for cash and do not go
    into debt at all. Most people do not have enough cash saved to do this, so
    their first objective should be to save. While you are saving, you should
    educate yourself and discover exactly what arena and niche you think you
    would enjoy. This method is a life long commitment and may include a life
    style change. Without debt, you truly have the flexibility you need to
    grow. A large debt free real estate portfolio is very powerful if your
    patient enough to build it correctly.

  24. Miller Property Management says:

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  25. joseph singh says:

    very informative, thanks

  26. Michael Melonas says:

    Very informative, and inspirational. Thank you!

  27. eartH Heart says:

    Success is measured by Self Motivation

  28. Spectrum Enterprises LLC says:

    Learn a lot from your story. Thanks!

  29. Henry Hargrove says:

    Thank you for the information.

  30. Lisa Anderson says:

    Nice video…There is a lot of things should one to consider.Looking
    forward to more videos from you. Excellent information.Thankyou.

  31. Phil Ganz says:

    good video

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