Real Estate Corruption And Sandy Hook Elementary School Demolition Company

Lanza comes up connected to the owner of the Company that is overseeing the demolition of Sandy Hook Elementary school. Obvious Real Estate Corruption and se… On pace to sell over 300 Memphis Investment Properties in 2011, Memphis Invest is the leading investment real estate seller in M…
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  • peekay22

    Keep exposing these bastards N M :)

  • brenda c.

    You’ve got a brilliant mind for making sense of this stuff! I lose the
    thread after 2 or 3 clicks. lol. 

  • 4321eyeseeyou

    Great again! I also see the familial (bone structure, bridge & nasal areas)
    resemblance of MJ Lanza with P Lanza, with the same last name, in tear down
    of SHS, coincidence is something I don’t think exists here. Real estate, no
    doubt about it, has many monies changing hands, with the 1.5 M loss = trade
    off or pay off? I think Connecticut has plenty of good ol’ boy networks
    playing there, where corruption in not a new normal but business as usual,
    combined with occult ties? I won’t be vacationing of there. Why didn’t
    Kortze use a photo where he recovered from jaundice? Oh, he looks that way
    without make up. Figures.

  • Anita Sachs

    Namesnot …. did you see this? /watch?v=a5dbk0zIiVo

  • Jennifer Te Huna

    I ran across some footage of Mr. Wolfgang Halbig, which has been a divisive
    issue among the community of those questioning the Sandy Hook event. I
    thought this would be a good place to share it. He’s the third interview.

  • DanfromtheHills

    Good stuff. Have you heard who is getting the contract to build the new

  • PeaceBeWithYourSoul

    5:00 Watch that and try to explain that there is not massive fraud going
    on. Sell for a one million dollar loss within five days? A loss like that
    would ruin 95% of Americans. Hmmmmm…. lots of suspicious things the
    deeper you dig, +Namesnot Mary Thank you for your work. We appreciate
    you continuing to dig! Although by now, I am surprise you haven’t popped
    out the other side in China, you have digged so deep for so long, lol!

  • Sonja Smith

    Newtown is a Coven, pretty clear with your and everyone else’s research.
    While I find it difficult to follow where you’re going, I get why. Just
    another part of this entire piece of Evil , and there is no other way to
    describe Newtown, just pure wrongdoing, and that entire town is basically a
    bunch of operatives. 

  • Pat Jack

    Excellent! Thanks for your work and skills.

  • AryanEmpires

    Another great vid from Namesnot Mary… my vid “Stepford Hook” thanked you
    for all your hard work… I’m also working on some serious data, and I have
    something VERY interesting… please check your YouTube private messages.

  • TheConspiracyFact2

    Just the fact that a lot of these people have 1 or multiple aliases is very
    strange indeed and raises so many red flags.

  • QKultra

    This is really good

  • Denniss7420

    Sheesh, you would think that they would want the demolition workers
    speaking about what they saw inside the school to help sell the story. Of
    course when it’s a Lie, you’ve got to have them sign a non-disclosure

  • Kicking Brass

    Here’s the link to Michael:

  • Ricodabodyguard22

    Great “follow the money” video. I know here in Florida, a lot of
    developers tag undeveloped land as agricultural; avoiding a lot of
    property taxes and additional local/state fees. Maybe, that’s one reason
    for the undervalued properties but I am sure there’s more to it than
    avoiding a couple extra thousand dollars. 

  • Mil Lee

    This is really good

  • Henry Homes

    subbed, great work!

  • truth seeker

    wow girl you got mad skills awesome video thank you for your skills.

  • Engineer-mom-Bizowner

    At 6:17, the triple crown company sells for $2 Million but the appraised
    and assessed values are less than $150k? Wtf?

  • G hrvyck

    Many people, in Newtown, are connected to GE also

  • TonyUnplugged

    At 1:49, you can see that Michael J. Lanza is the “Registered Agent”. If
    you want to set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you need to get the
    required documents signed by a “Registered Agent”, who is typically a
    lawyer. Just do a google search on the term. Michel J. Lanza may be to
    go-to-guy for setting up LLCs for a connected group of people in

  • Engineer-mom-Bizowner

    How can a guy that works for the town afford a $1 million home? That seem
    as suspicious as the other real estate issues!

  • G hrvyck

    My father had an auto repair facility in South Windsor CT for 50 years. I
    know many people in that area and can make a few calls.

  • Engineer-mom-Bizowner

    U are dead right on that house being under assessed! Just about 1 mile away
    I found a home on the market for $530k at 4 Daisy Lane and that house is
    crap compared to that guys house and on way less land.

  • Engineer-mom-Bizowner

    How can a guy that works for the town afford a $1 million home? That seem
    as suspicious as the other real estate issues!

  • Moon_ffin_bat

    Nice shirt, Miami Marq…

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