Real Estate Agents: How to find a real estate agent that’s right for you

A real estate agent is one of the most important people you’ll meet on the journey to buying a home. Understand their responsibilities and how to find a good…

You want to know a little more about Google+. You got your invite, now what? Here at IMSD, we want to show REALTORS not just HOW to use Google+, not only WHY…


  • Evan Husband

    real estate agents are middlemen no matter how you slice it. I can look at
    a site find the house and make an offer no need for a third party, other
    then to give them a commission. They rank right up there with car sales
    agents. No value added just someone to try and make you spend a little more
    then you normally should. If you cant tell I hate sales people. If you
    could find a go around you could save a few percent on your home purchase.
    That is why cars must be sold at dealerships in Texas not over the internet
    because no one would go to dealerships and deal with the slime balls. Same
    with real estate if you did not have to use them you would not. Plain and

  • Ron Rini

    first they are a salesperson. there are many sites that have pictures of
    houses for sale like zellar or remax that will show you what is for sale in
    a area and may give you a list of house that just sold in the area and how
    long the house has been on the market and you can check with the counties
    they keep a price on the house sold. And again they are salespeople and are
    out to get a sale. 

  • Rhonda Duffy

    With new technologies in the marketplace for both buyers and agents, agents
    should offer the buyer a scientific approach to real estate. By that I
    mean that agents should have a timeline that includes what they will be
    doing and what the buyer should be doing during that step of the process.
    For example, in the investigation process, (Step 4 of our Buyer Action
    Timeline), buyers should be asking home inspectors key questions like 1)
    Do you have general liability insurance and can you send me the
    certificate? 2) Do you warranty your work? Next, the buyer, accompanied by
    their agent, should be asking neighbors 7 key questions about the
    neighborhood and construction of the home. Then, the buyer should be
    consulting their homeowner’s insurance agent about a C.L.U.E. report on the
    claims history of the home. There are 8 steps to a successful purchase and
    each of those 8 steps have at least 4 things that are critical to a buyer’s
    success. 86% of buyers have buyer’s remorse over something in the
    transaction and that simply is not necessary with the tools that are
    available to both the public and agents in today’s real estate market.

  • Alex Perez

    Most agents have access to the same tools, so personality match is key.

  • daveheel

    seems like the agents will tell you what they think you’ll want to hear in
    order to get the job.

  • Amir Rehmani

    Great Work

  • Gamerkjfx

    i ain’t got any invitation yet when they gonna start + any idea??

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