Real Estate Agent Training with Tom Ferry

Real Estate Agent Training In this short video, Tom Ferry challenges you to ask yourself what type of professional/person are you? O…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Future of Real Estate and Property Marketing — global trends and property outlook for Australia market. How Estate Agents need t…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Autumn Aarilyn

    Why does training equate to a speech on attitude. I just signed on to a major brokerage and similar tactics are the basis for training. Their agents lack the ability to do a proper MLS listing and routinely put up a single photo.

    I need to know core aspects of real estate like the definition of a bedroom and how it relates to FHA loans. Does it need a window or closet?

    They have all this software for CMAs but leave out year built for the detailed analysis. The training puts mindset over facts

  • lagunanigurealestate

    The Ferry’s are all great!

  • Kostia Sydorov

    does anyone know if he ever was an actual Realtor???, what area, what years???

  • TheAawas


  • John Murphy

    Hi, energy sucking vampire here. Did I miss a meeting?! Surely after subprime & the subsequent global financial meltdown it’s GAME OVER in this industry.

  • TheCoolAustralian

    Well according to the dislikes there is at least 7 energy sucking vampires out there! Awesome stuff Tom. Keep ’em coming.

  • capecoralrealestate1

    interesting information

  • venangocountynow

    Venango County in Pennsylvania is a great investment. Houses are inexpensive, but soon to boom due to the gas industry moving into the area. Businesses are buying up land and moving here to take advantage of the opportunities. Check out the prices in Oil City, PA. They won’t last, so act now.

  • coolpilot2001

    im the 2nd one. the lights go out when i walk in the door and my wife loses her libido.

  • TeamVIPWalnutCreek

    Great video. Tom always has great tips. Energy sucking vampire! Love it.

  • PedroPistons

    I wanna sell real estate when im older, lol, good tips

  • msnikish11

    are you in real estate?i had a question on what a co op can do about someone having police come to arrest them, i failed to show to court and had a warrant are they allowed to ask me to leave , even if not being convicted of any crime?and nothing happening in th ebuidling itself?isnt it a personal issue in my life ?

  • Dasargroup

    Great topic! Had to deal with that very situation today.

  • dotjenna

    Very good!!! Great energy!!!

  • VegasRealEstateBlog

    Nice Video! Thx for Sharing.
    checkout ours when you get a chance…

  • Will Bingham


  • thedeathofchrispalko

    this cocksucker is very energetic

  • BusinessOnABudget

    I like the vids good stuff

  • BrianEZimmermanCom

    Thanks Andy – If any agents are looking for 3-7 leads a day for free – RealEsateBusinessExplosion com I’ll give you a free video course. Tom your doing great with your online stuff

  • Iampernicious1

    OMG it’s ANDY from “the Office”!

  • TheLarryGeez

    male cheerleaders unite!

  • Bert Daniel

    Interesting! You did a good job….

  • michaelpoczynek

    Thanks. Good job.  All good points.

  • spectrum0590

    This is great! I want to share ideas with this guy about real estate and investment.

  • markmercurius3

    Come here you boring twat and I’ll  show you what I can do to make people hate me more….

  • elephantremovals

    Informative Video

  • jvolstad

    Go back to selling used cars?

  • sellingbuyingahouse

    Great Video!!!


    OH HELL NO! people are far too lazy to learn direct sales concepts and contracts for themselves

  • Patrick Dixon Futurist YouTube Videos

    Thanks – enjoy the other 500 videos on my channel….

  • slapcompany

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  • slapcompany

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  • love83forever

    We will need surveyors……..

  • Patrick Dixon Futurist YouTube Videos

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