Real Estate Agent Training – Buyer Counseling Interview

Real estate training (for Agents) by Dirk Zeller, 6-time, best selling author and CEO of Real Estate Champions, Inc. His books include: Success as a Real Est…


  • Kei Danye

    Wow. This vid really helped me. I am very impressed with your presentation.
    thank you :)

  • Gary Singh

    Power Packed.
    You are really Good………

  • The Dream Home Company®, Realtors

    Great content! Thanks for avoiding fluff and getting right to the details.

  • Steve Smith

    Yes agents and lenders are going to attack my comment. Agents wont lower
    their commision. They’ll say their broker wont allow them. It’s way better
    to have your bank reject your loan than dealing with a broker that will
    seek out any program just make them money. Real estate agents justify there
    hard work between Oprah commercials. Lenders justify there hard work
    between long lunches. There’s nothing they can do that you can’t! It’s your
    money. It’s your life. It’s your note!

  • jvolstad

    You forgot one question a buyer should be asking. “Is now a good time to
    buy and are you really representing my best interests?”

  • Jun-jun Luciap

    i cant understand, i think use an illustration,or examples

  • crushthechurch

    @713NawfSid3 but some can close the deal within 24hours

  • Emily Goldberg Bryant

    Fantastic!! Thank you 🙂

  • Su Brooks

    I use to think that too, “real estate agents are only there to show homes
    how hard can it be as a real estate agent, right? The experiences an agent
    develops over time to save the transactions are priceless. The emotional
    roller coasters an agent goes through when a sale fails and it is out of
    the agents control or the sale is successful because the agent did have
    some control. There are accusations that blame the real estate agent
    because the home is not selling.

  • MyCoachForRealEstate

    Kudos on a well produced real estate agent training video. I look forward
    to see others from you.

  • italiancutiepie100

    @chrispmv im intrested in becomeing a real estate agent do you get paid
    well? and how long did you have to atend school to become one

  • Su Brooks

    The seller not believing the agents suggestions on how to sell the home
    -“price it right, comps do not lie” stage the home, no clutter, there’s a
    lot of sellers that do not listen to the professional real estate agent.
    Real Estate Agents have a lot more credentials than you think.

  • str8sound

    awesome presentation dirk

  • kucan100

    very nice .. thnks

  • 3089280288

    Too many of you agents are deal breakers, not brokers. Trained monkeys.
    Learn some new stuff out of your little box.

  • MsGuard2

    not hot Cindy! useful ideas. my mind kept wandering off, he’s a little

  • rockmarks

    Dirk, you are the best, I have read all your books and I am a big fan. But
    I have to say I keep waiting for you to say, I am waiting for ” MY WIFE,

  • Jennifer Cribsly

    Agreed, good job.

  • iKnifeU123

    Question.. There is a mobile home bank owned, foreclosed, and listed at
    53kand my real estate and my real estate said the bank is still gonna do
    repairs, new paint, new floor, and he recommended me to offer 8 thousand
    less. So i offered 45k,, but why would he want me to offer less? Dosent he
    get his commision?

  • Lijo John


  • fckualreadyaye

    Balls to the wall man Don’t let anyone scare you away from your dreams.
    Man, even if it is 6 months till you close a deal, you closed 1. People
    with big money are gonna buy despite the trend. People need a roof over the
    head. It’s one of those cut throat competitive fields but make a personal
    connection with your client. You’ll be fine Texas is a booming state a long
    with Arizona, and NC You make enough sells in a couple years you’ll be a
    big player Don’t doubt yourself or your plan. Good luck.

  • jvolstad

    Fundamental role is to help the buyer? No, the agent’s role is to sell
    house’s. Buyer beware.

  • mja2035

    Buy your house on your own, do your research first!

  • Jeffrey Carter

    Love those scripts. Thanks dirk

  • Cynthia Montsinger

    I think he’s hot.

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