Real Estate Agent Test Cram 1 – Key Concepts: Bundle of Rights, Title, Real Property, Freehold, Non-Freehold, Fee Simple, Tenancy in common, Joint Tenancy, & Tenancy by Entireties. State Exam Prep & Cram course. Best Real Estate Test Training. Free online video on Youtube. Classes available in Spanish & English. Ray Suarez Real Estate School
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  • Towanda Stewart


  • mathmontrealmath

    an interesting video. keep on the good work.

  • Erick W.

    Nice vids ray. But dont they require like real classroom Hours>? I would like to buy your video though does it cover everything? Im a University Grad in Chicago.
    Eric Garcia

  • zoerrell


  • Scott Hammond

    great vid

  • luciott1

    HI, will this videos help me get my lic in California?, or do I have to enroll in a Real Estate school?. Thank you

  • ScarletVictor

    Do you have a complete video for the 2012 Realstate associate exam ? I’m doing it online , but I just don’t have the time. I’d like to be able to listen to the tutorial as I drive to and fro from work, that’s 10 study hours per week. That will save me a whole lot of time.

  • Dave PlugMan

    Hola Ray Suarez, i just want to tell you,thanks to your videos for teaching me the understanding with a lot of explanation and easy understanding.i watched your videos everyday for an entire month and studying on my own.went to take my exam again and i passed.thank you for your help.Gracias hermano

  • sioneFM

    hopefully i pass the first time. Thanks!

  • ScottMenaceify

    yeah seriously this is a big help thanks raysuare

  • TheOcmommy

    LOVE these vids…….THANK YOU:)

  • urbanecondetroit

    I have posted your series as a crash review for my urban economics students. Good job.

  • 810bowman1190

    Thanks man

  • Kevin K

    Your powerpoint needs a little work bro. You’re great at presenting though.

  • Sonny Dmatic

    Hi I loved the lecture and I look forward to watching everything else you have to offer seeing that I’m waiting for my test date in California. I was left with one question: with tenancy in common is the heir entitled to fee simple as well? I am assuming so but I’d rather be sure. Thanks.

  • cliftonhauusd

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  • bernardofarley

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  • hauusddfd

    Get a peace to your life with an Latino girl

  • sgasa99

    Great lecture

  • urbanecondetroit

    Thank you for doing a great job with these materials. I have included this set of videos on my channel for my undergrad and graduate Urban Economics students at Wayne State University. We cover three chapters on real estate markets in our course. Your clear presentations will hopefully help my students to get grounded in some necessary basics. –Dr. John Sase

  • Jrgarteaga

    Easy Definition for Fee Simple:

    -The greatest possible interest a person can have in real estate.

  • raysuare

    Hola Cary,

    Estos videos te puede ayudar para el examen estatal de cualquier estado. Tambien tenemos la version completa en DVD por solo $99.

    Suerte en el examen estatal.

    Ray Suarez

    Tel: 305-761-2993

  • caryandv

    Hola, muchísimas gracias por toda esta magnifica información, yo vivo en Nj se que las leyes son diferentes en este estado, yo estoy tomando las clases en ingles pero se me hace un poquito dificil entender los terminos, el curso que usted ofrece me puede servir para Nj ???

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