Real Estate Agent Reveals Open House Strategy To Get Loads Of HOT Buyers

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This open house strategy get’s us on average of 10-15 Buyers through our Open House’s. Find more buyers, close more deals and make more money than you have e…
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7 Responses to “Real Estate Agent Reveals Open House Strategy To Get Loads Of HOT Buyers”
  1. Real Estate With Broussard Brothers says:


  2. Steven Hartman says:

    I am a new realtor, didnt have much money to market at first, my broker
    pushed me to do open houses on the weekends, I did, had success, I took it
    a step further and did them during the week in the afternoon and had great
    success, I was in the business 2 weeks and put my first homes into escrow!!
    Open houses work well if you do them right and they can produce both buyers
    and sellers!! Anyways, Great video, thank you for your time in making this

  3. Amy Liu says:

    Don’t send automated emails without an agreement!

  4. Steven Wiles says:

    You have a cute remark on every open house video…apparently, you’re not
    very successful with open houses.

  5. antwanpratt12 says:

    This is a great video for new agents very helpful and useful

  6. AdeyemoINC says:

    Hi!!! Im a new agent and this is great info!!! Thanks

  7. jvolstad says:

    Realtors trustworthy?

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