Raising Money for Real Estate? Don’t Do This One Thing!

http://www.revnyou.com If you’re raising money for your real estate deals and someone says “Can you send me details on your deal?” the worst thing you can …
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  • Kate Sulima

    This is actually great advice… I’m someone in the early stages of real estate investments and I think this this piece of advice will probably save me a lot of time. It would be much easier and less intimidating for me to just write something and send an email, but I understand why it is so much better to actually discuss and decide in person as opposed to spending the time and probably wasting that time… Thanks again!

  • Dave Peniuk

    Thanks for your comments zorfd. Yes, you do have to be careful about staying in Compliance with the SEC and while we didn’t mention that in the video, we did emphasize building a relationship first prior to sending or sharing any documents. By focusing on the relationship as the priority, this will help you to avoid SEC issues AND help you to ensure working with that potential investor is a good fit for you and for them. Cheers!

  • zorfd

    I disagree. The NUMBER #1 reason you don’t send anything is to stay in COMPLIANCE with the SEC and your state’s “blue sky” laws. Your offering is only available to accredited or “sophisticated” (knowledge, experience, finance, business, risk, merit…) investors that you have an existing relationship with. If someone calls you out of the blue, you have no relationship nor any idea if they “qualify” to receive your documents. You should get a signed suitability doc first. Then chat ’em up…

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