Podio for real estate agents (Part 1)

Podio is a powerful web-based collaboration tool that works elegantly as a real estate CRM if you are willing to take a little time to set it up. In Part 1 o…
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  • Ben Grise

    Attention Real Estate agents and Investors. Check out this amazing tool
    that I’m currently using to manage my seller leads. I have it set-up so
    that a lead automatically imports when receiving a call!

  • 別府 不動産 別府ホーム

    thanks for the help in getting podio setup for my real estate business

  • Mary Pinelli

    Thank you for such an informative tutorial. The system was so confusing
    until I viewed this! My only suggestion is to make sure you click on
    ‘Select an icon’ after naming your workspace and before entering text
    lines. Otherwise, you will not be able to find the app you saved. Thanks!

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