Phoenix Real Estate Market at a Glance – September 2013

MORE at John looks at the latest number for the Phoenix real estate market, includes median sale price, inventory, …
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  • John Wake

    *Phoenix inventory of homes for sale increased steeply in September.*

    Is this a trend? I think so.

    More at

  • Hiralabus Bulgarus

    All the sales have been cash, fha and va loans. Basically investors and
    bums. Sure there are a few traditional buyers but not many. Investors
    have left town. When those bum loans tick up nothing will move. If you
    need to sell your house do it now. 

  • Mike Gamache

    Great use of video and providing valuable information in a short and sweet

  • Charles .Alhadeff

    One only needs to evaluate the buyer composition between now and 16 months
    ago. 70% of the corporate “purchasers” ie the Blackmore Group are no longer
    interested in investing in general in Phoenix. Even more simply, 70% of the
    “purchasers” that represent the buyers during this last “recovery” are no
    longer purchasing. Not a blip, its a short trend. Slight market correction
    on the horizon. (BS in Engineering, Minor in Mathematics )

  • VideoGrabBag

    Mid October.

  • Best of Real Estate Video

    I used to live in the Date Grove in Arcadia! Congrats on the the investment
    property doing so well. When’s the lease up?

  • VideoGrabBag

    This was very informative. Thank you. I’m looking to ‘time’ the market for
    when to sell my rental in the Arcardia area. So far my year wait has done

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