Peter Schiff Mortgage Bankers Speech Nov/13/06

My Mortgage Bankers Speech from Nov 13th 2006 is now in one video clip. I gave this presentation at the the Western Regional Mortgage Bankers Conference in Las Vegas. There were over 2000 mortgage bankers in attendance. I also made similar comments when I addressed this conference a year earlier in 2005 at the height of the real estate bubble. For those people who said no one saw it coming, this presentation is a real eye opener. Let’s see if we can get this clip to go viral. Thanks to a YouTuber called “csabasand” here is a full transcript: also check me out on and
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  • stobi

    GOD, this guy loves speaking. And, thank GOD I’m lucky enough to listen!

  • ritual45man

    It’s the most horrible trauma for an idiot who had made some lengthy & absolutely idiotic remarks on a Youtube MP3 clips.

    The idiot’s friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members will be endlessly reminded of how stupid the idiot is.

    And just when you think it could not be worse, this idiot turned out to be a Doctor — just imagine how many young kids could have been taught by him, saaaaaaaad!

  • Skibum Willy

    In “Balanced Perspective” The President’s adviser gets advised by an underachieving old college pal, and a simple rule tweak on inheritance ends up changing the direction and purpose of modern human life! See if this short discussion RINGS TRUE as the systematic fix we all long for and can’t find? Watch “Balanced Perspective” on Youtube.

  • mjpitche

    It’s funny how these idiots are all laughing at the guy who is telling the truth about the future of the market. I guess very few people were educated to the level of the first speaker.

  • RealMcForesT

    1 year later you comment. Right. Also, you may need to re-watch this video to understand my comment.

  • pelckarol

    Could you guys tell me what the guy on the end is saying ? This completely don’t make a sense !

  • MsMilagrita

    sitting in the White house

  • Tabris Esfahani

    I can’t even totally blame the others for not wanting to listen to him, especially because irrational behavior and not wanting to admit mistakes is part of human nature.

  • Tabris Esfahani

    lol that risky portfolio would have made you a pretty penny after the crash 😀

  • cesar333

    Last time I checked the middle class didnt write the tax laws, created subprime mortgages, then did god knows what when they sold those as AAA securities so when you hear “tax the rich” know where we are coming from and that we have a chip on our shoulder.

  • ilovelamp61

    I wonder if this guy (not Peter) came back the next year and the year after that?

  • ItsAllAboutGuitar

    What a schmuck. I wonder if that guy, who resorted to insulting his opponent has watched this video. He’s CLUELESS!!!

  • Illyrien

    So… did they meet in 2007 and 2008? That would be so fun 🙂

  • zzzzzz522002

    I tried to search “Western Regional Mortgage Bankers Association” and found nothing. Is this organization closed ?

  • fiatalfa1

    It has and continues to if you compare it to gold or silver.

  • yaqubali

    He predicted everything

    what if his prediction that the dollar would collapse comes true?

    It would be freaky

  • kawola17

    Lol, that guy is a joke. Hahhahahhaha.

  • Eldeecue

    I often wonder how big a black dude his dad is a prison bitch to. : )

  • Johan Retsler

    I know he speaks of the USA, he could just as well speak of the EU or Sweden included in the EU.

  • energyfinance

    It would be fun to know what percentage of the people at that presentation who owned a home, or homes, have been ‘forced’ to be renters today?

    Who was it who said: “If you’re smart you don’t need a lot of leverage. And if you’re dumb you’ve got no business using it”?

  • energyfinance

    “Is the old guy retired now or what?”
    He was retired prior to this engagement.
    Is that in some way relevant?

  • energyfinance

    “Peter if you are listening, your a prophet!”

    And if he’s NOT listening … then what is he?
    A ‘Non-Listener’ ?

  • crazy14peace

    So, Mr. Schiff, did you invite him back in 2007 and 08 and 09 and 10? The guy at the end has everything wrong, everything. A lot of this reminds me of the Alchemy of Finance, by George Soros (all poitical views set aside) . Peter Schiff=pure legend. Remember: “be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”

  • marksuave25

    Peter if you are listening, your a prophet!

  • hodsgod

    That stupid old fool at the end hahaha.

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