Peter Kinch & Don Campbell on Studio 4 with Host Fanny Kiefer

Real Estate Authors & Experts Peter Kinch & Don Campbell speak with Studio 4 with Host Fanny Kiefer about Real Estate myth busting. Popular misconceptions about buying Real Estate in Canada.

Guest: Trace Trajano Real Estate Investor & Mentor Author, Think Rich Quick January 19, 2011 Host: Racquel Rodriguez Executive Producer: Martha Vinzons Associate Producer: Maia Yco-Luna Writer: Koreena Tulio Guest Coordinator: Aiza Lumbuan Researcher: Charina Trinidad Director: Rommel Pedrealba


  • scam critic

    The president of the Robert Allen Nothing Down Club of Atlanta went to federal prison for doing illegal nothing-down deals. He is not the only nothing-down follower to suffer that fate.

  • scam critic

    To all my fellow Filipinos, before fall into this TraceTrajano’s real estate investing or they call it in the United States as “Carleton Sheets”. He just change the idea but its the same sales strategy of the elite. Con Man as it’s best. Google and read first about, John T. Reed’s analysis of Carleton H. Sheets.

  • moneyyoda123

    People here giving destructive comments do not even have the guts to let us know their names. The testimonials of real people whom Trace has helped can be found all over the internet. Simply type in the above search box: “testimonials for trace trajano” and you will find their testimonials recorded on video and who they are. The people who made real money as a result of Trace’s teachings are better to talk to instead of these envious slanderers who pull people down.

  • MrGreatplacetolive

    Invest in Venango County Pennsylvania. Great prices, with great potential as the gas industry increases production in the area, more and more people are moving here for jobs and investments. Take advantage of the low prices now as they are sure to increase in the next year.

  • archgin742000

    A swindler using another swindling network to swindle the masses. Galing!

  • bacchus0123

    mindset ng con man o swindler

  • bacchus0123

    great successful con man. mahusay magpalabas ng limpak limpak na salapi sa bulsa ng mga tao sa katitiing na kaalaman.

  • oceanfantasies






    that’s what it takes to be a MILLIONAIRE… Never stop dreaming, with proper guidance of a good mentor, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

  • vanishingpride

    You can never go wrong with Trace’s teaching!

  • bacchus0123

    madami talaga manloloko ngayon sa hirap ng buhay. Oo nga bat hindi niya isulat o kaya ibenta ang mga sinasabi nya sa isang ebook kung talaganfg may malasakit siya tumulong sa tao. kaso nga hindi at huhuthutin niya muna ang pera ng mga tao sa matamis at mabilis nyang pananalita sa seminar na pataas ng pataas ang bayad. Nagulat ako kausapin lang sya P1k na agad ang sisingilin. Yan ba ang gustong tumulong o nais niya lang tulungan bulsa niya. Bogus ito.

  • bacchus0123

    At nagamit pa ang ANC na instrumento sa panlilinlang nito.

  • magpalibeachresort

    By simply analyzing all of the tools to make your deals going, paves way to success

  • antonetshop

    Mindset is the key in becoming a millionaire

  • clairefairshop

    The methods of Trace is encompassing

  • manhattanpowerestate

    It’s great, now i realized how easy it is to make money

  • dwayneindustry

    My life was nothing until you showed me the way to be involved! Thanks to you my mentor

  • benchpropertyshop

    I love Trace Trajano!!! He’s one of the true? great successful people out there.

  • pinkpassionrealty

    Good deals are just around the corner, it takes good mentor to acquire it

  • allaboutmoney22

    The art of winning the battle is knowing first the principles before execution, Thanks for the ideas Trace

  • realestatecircle

    It takes a great teacher to liberate myself from opening my eyes to the good opportunity in real estate..Thank you Trace!!!

  • marvinneophyte

    The Philippines needs someone like Trace to open up the mind of the people to be engaged with selling properties

  • Ainds03

    Trace you’re the man!!!!!!!!! Smart guy, good advice. If your watching this video then your probably thinking about starting your own real estate deal. I haven’t found a comp plan more easier to understand and more better than this one. Help people change their lives for the better.

  • Leo Alva

    yeah he is bogus using and abusing his power of mind,guys take note: there are two karma’s, the good and the bad, I’m sure bad karma will go to your room

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