Obtaining A Viable Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

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Obtaining A Viable Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Why do you want to set up your business in Atlanta in the first place? For one thing, Atlanta boasts of amenities found only in top-notch cities. Among these are a world-class airport, quality educational institutions, and a diverse market base that is advantageous to small and medium sized businesses. But it is also worth noting that this city is home to the corporate headquarters of a number of large companies.

The advantage of Atlanta versus other known cities in the US mainland is the lower cost of living. True, it may not have the pizzazz of a New York or the inherent beauty of a San Francisco, but the affordability factor more than compensates for these seemingly minor deficiencies, especially from the business point of view.

When setting up a business here, you will definitely need commercial space to house your office, as a selling area, and/or for the storage of assets.

And it will be necessary to search for viable Atlanta commercial real estate.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Commercial Real Estate in Atlanta

1. The location should be appropriate for your business. If it is a restaurant or eatery you plan to set up, then you should be located in a high traffic area. A warehouse type operation may warrant being located farther away from the heart of the city, but accessible nonetheless.

2. When scouting for an area, consider the neighborhood. Zoning regulations should be taken into account.

3.If support services or facilities are important for your type of business, the accessibility of these will have to be looked into.

If you will be setting up a trucking business, for instance, it may be wise to have a gasoline station nearby especially if you do not have that facility in-house.

4. What is the condition of the particular building or edifice, which you are considering to lease? Will a significant amount of investment in leasehold improvements be necessary? Remember that fixed improvements will revert to the owner when the lease period expires. At the same time, consider the regular maintenance work to be done. This is an expense, which has a direct bearing on your bottom line.

5. Of course, the price and terms will have to be favorable.

Choosing a Suitable Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

The local classified ads should have a listing of commercial areas for lease. Or you may check the Yellow Pages for brokers and developers handling this type of real property. The internet is another option, and this may be the most convenient and fastest alternative.

As much as possible, dispense with the middleman. That means dealing with the developer or owner directly. In most cases, this will redound to the lowest rental rate and best terms, since the transaction will not have to provide for broker’s commission. And when choosing a developer or owner, make sure that you deal only with reputable ones and preferably those with good track record.

These are some of the recommended approaches in securing a viable Atlanta commercial real estate.

If you are thinking of doing business in Atlanta, log on to centuryretail.com for your Atlanta commercial real estate needs. This is the site of a reputable developer with a proven track record in developing, leasing, and managing commercial properties.

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