Nu-Covenant Real Estate and Home Birth Testimonies (Live Home Birth Video and Property Purchasing) presents Nysut: Amun-Re Sen Atum-Re (Brother POLIGHT) author of 70 plus books fluent in 7 languages in this excerpt entitled, …
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Ambergris Caye – Beachfront Property facing the reef and the Caribbean Sea. This spectacular property is on Ambergris Caye’s north side about 7 miles from Sa…


  • powerfuldreammedia1

    po light be droppin knowledge.i wanted to sign up,pay for all the services at once and then buy property at the private auctions,but then over a MONTH ago i ordered 2 tax deed workbooks from the 2012res website.they debited my account and they never came.I finally got a hold of someone and they gave me a different number for order processing.the number is always full and when not no return from my messages.WTF

  • rckbttm14

    Hebrews were breeding like a rabbits in Egypt, fear of a black(Hebrew) nation caused the decree to come down from the pharaoh…
    i was collected, even taped it…would do it again

  • girasoulnega

    Thanks brother! Wow! I never heard of that Egyptian practice before. Although, the disdain for dark skinned blacks is still evident in the region today.

    No midwife? Me and the hubby are not quite ready for an unassisted birth at this point! Much respect to you for bringing your daughter into this realm–I am sure it was awesome & beautiful! We need more black men involved in these kinds of things. Were you at all nervous or scared?

  • rckbttm14

    as your husband said its a beautiful thing to hold your baby after such a beautiful experience, i delivered my baby “no mid wife” as mid wives were used in Egypt to alert the pharaohs of a black(hebrew) male being born(even tho i had girl), they are always looking for the one…and they would off the male child… you guys are beautiful baby included…the Hebrew Executioner

  • rckbttm14

    just my observation, everyone has one…

  • girasoulnega

    I am the woman wearing the red sweater and I’d say your analysis of my body language is completely wrong! Don’t project your feelings about the brother onto me or anybody else. If I didn’t want brother polight in my house, then he would not have been there. I have nothing but love and respect for polight and his family–have you actually met them? Or are you just making assumptions?

  • girasoulnega

    I’m the mother and I am not vegan–I am an omnivore. The placenta is extremely nutritious for post partum mothers–women across cultures have been consuming their placentas for ages. Of course, there are so many rituals/customs regarding the placenta to choose from…I considered doing the lotus birth, but that ritual did not really resonate with me this time around. To each their own sistren!

  • rckbttm14

    peep game.hebrew woman in red sweater is not feeling the hammite/african, polight.please use her body language as a gage towards the hammite, she has figured out why she is sittn next to hams wife as if she is one of his wives but clearly trying to show us by body language don’t perceive this as if i’m his wife…baby holding husband should be next to polights wife.that jabooki shit,check out sis demeanor thru out the discourse, we all can sense that evil spirit money make ppl lose their morals

  • rckbttm14


  • rckbttm14

    i delivered my last daughter with brother and sister there…NO MID WIFE! Original Hebrew…YHWH is MORE then Great…Follow no-man…

  • whatupninjas

    And don’t claim you can’t afford to join when initial fees for nu covenant are less then those Jordan’s the knuckle draggers buy like a ritual every three months when they reintroduce the same shoes you were rocking 20 years ago.

  • whatupninjas

    For all of you guys asking questions. Go join the nu covenant and they will send you the lessons which will answer most of your questions about how they do things, which books to buy and which services to purchase depending on what you want to learn and accomplish.

  • GivenFactNotFiction

    I feel your strength bother 

  • 2reasons

    If I wasn’t new I would’ve shared this on Fb. However, this video needs to reach certain people directly. His books are like the human breath, so much is intermingled
    Can’t wait to meet them and talk with them.

  • Donnell Tillman

    big ups brother this what u call a brother put in the work . i want to join. i been watching n keeping up with u n i c u r dedicated to what u believe thank you for bringing new light to the community. it was much needed.

  • southernmind

    Anyone with an answer to my previous question?

    Also, is this Brother Polight with Floyd “Money” Mayweather in this video at the @ 3:54?

  • hectorlee85

    i been trying to join Nu-Covenant all year but the voicemail is full.

  • southernmind


    You and your crew are indeed an inspiration Bro. Polight. Keep up the good work!


    Given that you use a certain method to purchase real estate at a discount (trust, transmitting utility, etc.), do you use this method when purchasing it at these auctions/sales or do you have to pay the maximum bid (as would any other buyer) and receive a credit on it (real estate) at a later date using the aforementioned method?

  • focusedi

    I like your principles Brother P. Wonder what you have to say about something a lot of people in my neck ov da woodz have been inquiring about… And that happens to be Salvation, the Rapture, Life After Death, i.e.? Whassup?

  • Jammel Roberson

    I need some more information

  • MsTaliBaBy

    the placenta is better left attached to the child untill it falls off. The placenta is like a mother to the baby it contains so much DNA stem cells and much more that is needed for the baby. Not the mother and being vegan I would never eat the placenta. check out lotus births.

  • universal9sun

    Peace young God! time to stop the debates and just do the works! those debates do nothing for the community. You have reached the next level, so don’t go backwards. Wealth creation is the only way, good to see you building with the God Dr. Anderson! Let me know when you ready to go to Nigeria fam, Ghana is lovely and lots of opportunities here! Be back in GA soon, keep doing what you do! Pops taught us to be in the proper place to pick up the pieces when ‘his’ world falls and Real estate is it!

  • MrDennisbelize

    Hi Adam, living on an island in the Caribbean does come with some risks. Hurricanes are rare here but they do pass by from time to time. When the island is at risk we leave and head to the mainland. Hurricanes are pretty much the only natural disaster that gives you a 3 day warning before it hits. Even in a concrete structure that is well built like this house is I wouldn’t “hide” from a hurricane. I’d leave and go to a safer place.

  • Adam Vu

    That property is not a safe place. When the bad weather becomes hurricane you have no place to hide.

  • DennisKayII

    Hi Greg,

    This one sold….but I do have a few others. As you may know there aren’t too many single family, ocean front homes on the island. And when they do come up they tend to be price between $900k and $1.5m. But once and awhile you’ll see something around the $500k range. You in the market? If so email me and lets chat:

    Belize Real Estate specializing in Ambergris Caye Real Estate
    Dennis Kay II
    with RE/MAX Southwind

  • greg travis

    Nice how much? Dennis ?

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