New Real Estate in New Fantasyland

With more castles popping up around the Magic Kingdom, what’s a princess to do? Belle and Beast see an opportunity on the horizon and enlist the aid of HGTV’…
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Traveling Abroad to Learn International Real Estate Law

Students can learn about international real estate law by reading a textbook—or they can pack their bags and head overseas to engage directly with profession…
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  • dontskipabeat

    somewhat unbearable… yet disney gets away with it because we all love disney. 🙂 🙂

  • MrClipperTV

    is bell a robot? sure talks like one lol

  • Stephanie Figueroa

    so cute!

  • justanotheruser28

    No. Simply that no. It will never work have you seen how creepy woody and jessie look… No just no.

  • SuperNumber1gleek

    I just went to Disney I didn’t go in belles castle though. It was a long line

  • eurossocial

    Years ago, kids where afraid of everything. Nowadays Not only they don’t afraid, but they also love to see Monsters! Why they don’t afraid of the “Beast” then? with the Horns and instead they afraid of Mad Hatter? I didn’t said not to be a human.
    You are right about the interaction. But Now they have the technology to make the masks talk. Have you seen the “Talking Mickey? I said WOW when i saw it. I wish they do this with all the mask characters! It is amazing! 🙂

  • lostgirlsyndrome

    i literally just cant XD i love house hunters and disney as it is but together? EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO FANGIRL IN A CORNER.

  • claudia tulp

    I choose also castle 3 because of the library and the great few!

  • kimmykat9

    So cute!!!

  • DisneyTangledFanGirl

    Going next month

  • z3link

    Belle is so pretty <3

  • undertakerfan2989

    i would have picked #2

  • kailey elizabeth


  • 208disneygirl

    Cute! I’d like to see what the Beast thought of it!!!

  • Mermaid Emmy

    I love Disney I have been so many times and met all the characters and I kind of like house hunters so I love this it’s so cute!

  • Karina Fernandez

    How cute

  • mechanesthesia

    This is pretty funny and genius!

  • Patricia Logan

    I happen to agree.

  • Linda Heatherway

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. The popularity of the “face characters” is that they can interact verbally with guests. And that’s what makes the animated characters come alive.
    To put a mask on the “human” Disney characters would be weird and creepy. Years ago at Disneyland they did that with the Mad Hatter and it just scared the children. The non-human characters (Mickey, Goofy, Donald, etc.) are perfectly suited for the masks.

  • Snapcrakle37

    haha “always a chance to get attacked by a seawitch!” 

  • Snapcrakle37

    This is great!

  • eurossocial

    WOW! this is the Best Belle i ‘ve ever seen at Disneyland parks & her voice too. BUT i insist about fixing their mascot costumes. I don’t go to Disneyland to see other people’s faces, pretending to be Disney Characters. I go to see my Favorite characters as they really are in the movies. in their “Cartoon heads”. Disney designers must reconsider their costumes.ALL characters should Wear Masks and No-one Face naked. Beast head & his fallen down hair also must be fixed. Many mistakes on His head.

  • Karah B

    Very clever.

  • Yves Xavier

    I wonder how it feel that ALL of your home choice are castles

  • Lauren F

    YES! I love Meg and Hercules 🙂

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