New real estate agent find clients. Jessica Edwards

New real estate agent find clients.  Jessica Edwards How does a new real estate agent find clients or how does a new real estate agent get clients. Jessica Edwards shares her t…

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  • Tom Eagles

    Cool videos, Jessica; thanks for sharing them. I’ve been thinking of changing careers to realty, and youtube has been a great resource so far. My question for you is: what are you getting out of making these videos? They seem geared toward people like me who are in or are thinking of getting into the business. Do the videos help your business in some way (e.g. getting clients), or is it purely altruistic? 🙂 Thanks again. /Tom

  • Ryan Bruzan

    Thanks a bunch Jessica!

  • Dottie Janowski

    Great video just what I was needing since my license is on its way lol.

  • jvolstad

    I’ve noticed buyer agents stalking open houses looking for clients.

  • jkatebrewski

    love your videos! Really helpful!!

  • shaha ems

    Hai friend we want more information for real estate business give some tips to me for developing the realestate Business From INDIA

  • Jessica Riffle Edwards

    8 years

  • Microclean OC

    How long have you been in Real Estate Sales?

  • Jessica Riffle Edwards

    Averaging 4-5 per mo

  • reymartz12

    How many closings do you average per year?

  • QrayzHD

    Great tips thanks.

  • WhatsNextinRE

    Honestly, what you seem to be doing right now is the best thing you could be doing. You want to start investigating different ways to market yourself and set up your processes early on. You will have a jump start if you can develop your game plan now – you can do so much now, everything from develop a blog around your farming community to creating a lead follow up system. The more ways you can automate now, the better! Good Luck!

  • majnumbthumbs

    I really like your advice. I am thinking of persuing a career in real estate starting classes Oct 19. Do you have any advice what more can I do to better prepare

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