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Rosenberg Kicks The Realness About His Confidence in NY Hip-hop CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: HOT97: TWITTER: https://t…
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  • CiviliNation4

    Bumpin Lloyd Banks F.N.O mixtape….State of NY HipHop Lovely.
    No matter where the hype go, the heart of Hiphop stays in NY.

  • BlackDynamite1983

    Kendrick Lamar(a west coast rapper who has never lived a day of his life in
    New York) calls himself the king of NY and Rosenberg co-signs it. Trinidad
    James says NY radio doesn’t support their own like they should(which is the
    truth) and he gets upset?Smfh Rosenburg is a straight clown.

  • dblocknyc

    Bodega is trash, that whole “Tan boys” shit is lame, and im latino..
    besides Joey Bada$$ and A$AP, aint much in NY to be real. Flabush Zombies
    are HORRIBLE! Action is iight

  • outlawstarr417

    New York Hip Hop are like the jews who refused the new covenant to stay
    with the old one… oh yeah, i went there with it.

  • vcorr2288

    I like this Beast coast era of New York (ASAP Mob, Flatbush, Bodega Bamz,
    Tan Boys, Action Bronson, Smoke Dza, Joey Badass, Pro Era, Roc Marciano,
    Troy Ave, Underachievers, Ken Rebel) 

  • SSTelevision

    This didn’t really prove anything because none of those people are popping
    outside of NY as far as mainstream radio goes. Nicki, French, ASAP Rocky
    and Ferg, all the people from NY really getting nationwide radio play are
    doing so with down south records.

  • Accepent

    New York celebrating over selling 1000 tickets. Sad.

  • Ty McFLY

    everyday niggaz talkin about NY hip hop so how are we not relevant?
    ….asap mob ,action bronson, joey badass, etc are all making moves in the
    game…. not to mention hov is the most powerful dude in the rap game.

  • John Dough

    thing is hip hop as a whole is in good standing you look at the west coast
    you have Dom Kennedy, ab soul, Q kendrick i mean even the mainstream guys
    are making true hip hop records you have youngsters like casey veggies,
    earl sweat Domo genesis all of mellowhigh as a fact Vince staple Joey fatts
    then we look at the east coast and you got flatbush who are banging on the
    west coast (im from west coast) action bronson, UA, all of pro era and then
    the east coast mainstreamers like the whole ASAP crew.. idk i just really
    love hip hop right now were back at where it should ave always been and im
    glad were past the whole in my white tee and i think she like me era.. even
    though it was entertaining it wasnt real rap and hip hop.

  • taisan davis

    Dza riiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!!

  • mr305lars

    Trinidad james name dropped everybody from the beast coast on twitterThis
    Nigga rosenberg Just named, he shouted them all out the day after he said
    that dumb shit

    So he know what it is

  • jetlife2indiana

    Rosenberg is a bitch ass nicca lol damn

  • Joe Blacks

    joey badass he creeping up look out kendrick

  • Rich P

    Says the guy who foesnt playbany of these guys on radio

  • Bruce Cohen

    Nyc is just washed, when the Compton boys said about been king of ny no one
    said nothing, now Trinidad say something true they wanna bash him, it just
    show how pussy nyc starting to look! I’m guessing nyc like taking IG
    pictures with other rappers that popping, lol,all those zombie, pro era
    bam, they all backpack rapper no one wanna hear the wack shit, I’m from
    nyc, real nyc hip hip is ounp ,Fred da god, cristion d’or, ransom, 

  • Javon Duffey

    On the real, NY just fell off as a talent base (not including A.S.A.P.).
    And its mainly due to the style of “hip-hop” being played now. Its mostly
    cats singing about broads or club bangers. Me personally, I don’t really
    like it but money talks.

  • Jakee

    Love from australia

  • Trae Fittz

    Troy Ave is hard, I like us new shit, the Album & NY video.

    Joey Badass can SPIT but I liked 1999 better. He came into the spot light
    last year, this year seems like he lost some Fire. his 2nd tape wasnt
    really talked about.

    The other people I have yet to hear of…

    Im from Cali and I love NY Hip Hop, but these upcoming artist from there
    need to find a SOUND that defines them and where they’re from, try to
    change What’s out there. BE DIFFERENT.

    Cali is moving right now. We been Hot for a Decade, since The Game came
    out, we been back ever since. People just now noticing in recent years smh.

  • Derek Allen

    Hip hop was killed in Georgiaaaaa
    (Ray charles voice) 

  • MadFlavaHeavyFlow81

    Flatbush Zombies are fresh

  • Bogus Brilliantaire

    That was ill. ZOMBIE$ KILLIN!

  • Philly's Finest


  • DreDaDon__

    other guys like RA the Rugged man Ill Bill EL-P don’t get radio play either

  • Daniel Broadous

    I Just enjoy music and chill Idc if you are from NY Cali or Texas Music is
    music. If its great ima download it.

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