Must Watch Florida Real Estate Exam Prep great Tips INfo +++

Watch this video and be confident in that you are going to pass Special Thanks to and watch there videos Ron Climer of Ron Climer school of Real Estate and Ray Suarez of ray suarez academy
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  • Jennifer Garza

    Just read others comments and glad to see others posted Larson is a great school

  • Jennifer Garza

    Wow didn’t you say ft Myers. I’m going to start a course there for my test, Larsons, what your comments on this school

  • Lubasha727

    It’s a year through as off today 12.17.12 that you passed your exam and became REA. Do you have some updates to your new occupation, how it is going? I am taking online RE course (not exam) third time trying to get back to idea to work in this industry and would be really interested to hear about your first year as a REA.

    Wish you all the success in this world and thank you.

  • richways1

    Email me to interview at Waterfront Realty Group

  • Jessica Castle

    Ive taken it once and got a 69 do you think its worth it to pay to review?

  • sxr951

    how many questions in 3.5 hours?

  • sxr951

    is there affirmative action for blacks?>

  • zoked1

    Passed today ! Feels good I went back and changed like ten answers which they say not to do but it worked for me!

  • Keilon George

    Im going to pass thanks to you bro #RESPECT

  • Patricia Aimard

    Thank you you really boosted me. I really need some help here it’s kind of I don’t remember a thing….Keep moving but really tought!
    Good luck to all of you

  • lawlaw1

    I’m a physician, passed 5 parts of medical licensing boards…. Going tomorrow to take real estate exam for 5th time

  • strawberryrhubarbpie

    from what I’ve heard, the state exam is very tricky. the school I am going to, Larson, has a state exam online practice test. it’s expensive but I don’t want to fail so I plan on getting it!

  • strawberryrhubarbpie


  • strawberryrhubarbpie

    if you are in the Ft Myers area Larson is a great school to go to.

  • PRPrincess412

    is the end of course exam that you have to pass before you can take the state exam an open book test?

  • WorthyBuzz

    Ive always passed any tests given to me with flying colors. I even scored in the top 10% of every person to ever have taken the college entrance exam to enter Broward County’s school system. The FL real estate exam has nailed me twice so far. Failed it by one question the first time and by two the next. I’m scarred to take it again no matter how much I study. Score 100% nearly every time I take a practice test and still haven’t passed. So you’re right in telling people to not be discouraged.

  • Brian Smith

    You could also try this stupid little rhyme I was taught when I was a kid. 30 days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, Save February for 28 days clear, and 29 each leap year.

  • ralphreinoso

    Thanks so much for putting out there. Thus video came in the nick of time

  • Rhondamarie00

    you know you’ve done it right if when you get to Dec. you are on 31 days. example: Jan(31) feb(28) March (31) April (30) May(31)june(30)july(31)now start over with 31. Aug(31) sept(30) Oct(31)Nov(30)Dec(31)

  • Rhondamarie00

    then take the next 10 months and do a 31,30,31,30 pattern for 5 counts. you should end at july with 31 days. Start over for 5 counts at Agust but remember to start with 31 days! (july and august are the only 2 months back to back with 31 days on the timeline (not counting Jan and dec cuz they are on opposite ends of the timeline). continue the 31 30 pattern until you end on dec.

  • Rhondamarie00

    one tip I have for the proration math part of the test…I had a hard time remembering all the days of the month to do annual prorations. So I came up with a pattern formula. Draw out your time life of all 12 months: Jan. Feb. March. April. May Jun July Aug Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Now remember the following: the beginning of the time line (jan) starts with 31 (days) and so does the end (dec. 31 days) REMEMBER feb has 28 DAYS! Fill in the first 2 days: Jan 31 Feb 28

  • Rhondamarie00


  • TheVineEra

    is the test multiple choice?

  • climerschool

     Thanks for the positive plugs. If anyone needs help with the real estate math, they can check out all eight of them at climerschool right here on You Tube. Thanks Ron Climer

  • heatrdabest

    AWESOME tips buddy. Thanks alot.

  • Musser Daniel

    These guys saved me, I needed to sell my house fast and they bought it with cash.

  • Jackson James

    Thank you for buying my house so fast and ending my frustration.

  • Hillman Mark

    Thanks for the list, can’t wait to do a deal together.

  • Anglin Danny

    Bright Investment team with honesty and integrity.

  • Talbot Gerald

    You put out an excellent property list and great industry updates.

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