March 2013 Las Vegas real estate market update

Todd’s brillance shows again as he nails the real estate market in Las Vegas for the 14th consecutive month.
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In this July update I go over the current inventory numbers, & the relationship between short sales, foreclosures and “traditional sales”. We delve into the …
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  • udidwht

    Buyer being…foreign investor/s. Too many have already lost it in the housing market and aren’t going to give it another shot. They also won’t quailfy for any loan for a home. Add the job market in Vegas and it’s a gloomy outlook. One needs a sustained job market to support the housing market. Vegas is awhile off for that to happen

  • udidwht

    Just came from Vegas…while there have been signs that the market price has gone up it’s due to a short invemtory of homes as a result of the backlog of mortages the banks have to go back thru due to AB284. It is now a Felony as opposed to a misdemeanor. No person/bank is going to sign anything without fear it coming back to them. You were wrong in your video about AB284…it’s now 03/2013 and the banks are still sitting on many of the foreclosures. Another bubble is growing….

  • Ron Aguilar

    Todd, thanks for the Market update. I agree, when you leverage a home with FHA financing and the appraisal comes in lower, its not that the home is not priced right. I have been explaining this concept in many different angles to keep the deal going forward to close. Ron Aguilar, “The Mortgage Lender that supports Realtors”

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