Luxury house for sale in israel

For sale a private house house in israel near tel aviv Huge and luxurious, built on 370 square meter,in 3 floors + big basement with aworkout gym, Designed b…
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  • yo!nacca,nacca

    ahaha 2 face in American terminology means you’re shady…not to be trusted

  • Marco Gambler

    I like the house even though I don’t like a lot of things of it. Like the
    windows with those jail bars… However it looks like a normal house to me.
    I wouldn’t name it “luxury” house…

  • stanpccaucus

    I’m sorry, but the music is simply annoying, and out of place

  • pl2517

    The word “plase” should read “place”. It is spelled wrong. You ain’t
    counting my monies. lolololol

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