Luxury Homes for Sale in Chicago | Hyde Park Neighborhood

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Luxury Homes for Sale in Chicago | Hyde Park Neighborhood

Luxury Homes for Sale in Chicago’s Hyde Park Neighborhood. This …
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4 Responses to “Luxury Homes for Sale in Chicago | Hyde Park Neighborhood”
  1. Paco Aldape says:

    I like the way you guys have illustrated this. I happen to be from the City
    of Houston TX and we houses like this to in an area of Houston called “The
    Heights” The only difference is that we don’t have basements and the
    weather is different.

  2. Steve Pohlit says:

    Love this – great job This property is incredible. Linda and iCandy team
    deserve to be very proud. 

  3. Linda LeBlanc says:

    Great job on a great Hyde Parkt house! LeBlanc Capital Partners is proud to
    be part of this project with iCandy! Location, Location, Location.! 

  4. Rachel Tenorio says:

    Wow, beautiful house and wonderful video!!! You two are hilarious!!!!!!
    Steve and I have that sink argument often!!! 😉 ps can you post prices!!
    People want prices!

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